The 2016 General Presidential Debate 09/26/2016

I have been writing about this since last year about what the main topics would be, and how this would end.

I still predict that Hillary Clinton will be the winner.  Not by popular vote, but because the system is rigged.

I have spoke for many years about the presidential blood-line, and how 43 or 44 presidents (including Obama) are directly related to an ancient English king.

Kings and Peasants in the USA – How all of the US Presidents are cousins

That being said, I still have no doubt that the winner will be Hillary who will become the most unpopular president in history IMHO.

However the main topics that we addressed during this debate all boil down to economics in my opinion.  They both spoke about topics that were brought up in regards to inner city poverty, inner city violence, and other related topics.   There was a lot of talk about foreign affairs, and world trade agreements.  There were also a lot of bantering and accusations about non-relevant topics.

I believe that economics is where the debate starts and finishes in regard to substantial issues that were discussed.

You are welcome to analyze the words of the debates, see this link 2016 General Presidential Debate

When these debates have taken place in the past, I believe the topic is still the same now.   How do we improve our economic strengths?

  1.  Kill taxes on businesses, I agree with Trump on this in part (however see point 2)
  2.  Kill the loop holes that allow certain people to be treated differently under our tax laws.  Not just businesses, but individuals.
  3. Bernie often pointed to Scandinavia for a model, and it is important to look at places like Denmark that charges their citizens as individuals over 63%, and they charge businesses less than half of what the USA charges our businesses.  If that is the model that works, then we must realize that no one in this debate is addressing that plan.  However I know a lot of Bernie supporters who are supporting Clinton, who still want to see this economic system modeled after Scandinavia.  See this video that I made on this subject;  Economic Freedom USA vs Scandinavia
  4. In conclusion, the USA has THE highest corporate tax rate in developed nations in the world, and Trump has a point about how lower taxes mean more business and more revenue.  This point has been illustrated not only in the USA (especially before the 1910’s), and also it has been illustrated all over the world.  We need to kill the loop holes.  We need to lower the corporate tax rates.  I also believe that Trump had a good point about taxing imports, like other countries do.  The Federal Reserve needs to be audited and probably ended as well.

When these debates delve into unimportant social issues, that are nothing more than a major distraction, it does nothing to educate the American people what direction our country is about to go in.  Sure these topics are important to some small groups in the USA.  But the ultimate solutions to the problems with social issues, relies on improving our economic conditions.

Here is a link to a fact checker for the debate produced by NPR (I recommend you also do your own research)

Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time

For reference;

This is a video that I made in 2013 about capitalism in a communist society, and how Cuba is turning back to capitalism.