A year in review 2016

This has been historical year in so many ways. From the many technological accomplishments, to the many notable people that are no longer with us, to the insane US presidential election, the year 2016 will be a year that few who are alive today and of an age that can remember these things, will not soon forget.

The earth had 85 space launches in 2016, of which 82 were successful.

This is a short compilation of 24 of the launches in 2016

Many of the other notable technological advances as reviewed by MIT also have something to do with space, or at least one of the most famous and innovative space pioneers Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX, who also owns Telsa car company that has revolutionized the auto industry.  See MIT’s list here.

On a less notable note, but just as exciting to me, Clovis Star retired the vaporizer/e-cig ventures to pursue emotional observation technology via;  www.veracitylife.com and we hope to reveal some of our innovations in 2017.

This year also brought some loss to many when a lot of our favorite celebrities died, as well as loved ones.   Aside from losing my best friend who was my grandma Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber, and my dog of 12 years Max, many people morn people that were known by many all over the world.  See this list of celebrities such as Astronaut John Glenn, Fighter Mohammad Ali, and music performer Prince.   http://www.legacy.com/news/galleries/celebrity-deaths/gallery/2016-celebrity-deaths

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber 1921 - 2016

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber 1921 – 2016

Max the wonder dog

Max the wonder dog

It is also notable that on Christmas, today, George Michael died due to complications of having HIV/AIDS.  I was never a fan, but it does remind me of the horrible reality that gay males have so often.  HIV/AIDS effects the gay community more than any other community on earth.  Over 50% of new AIDS cases in the USA belong to gay males, who make up less than 2% of the total population in the USA.  RIP George Michael.

Where's the Map Info Travel and Sailing community

Where’s the Map Info Travel and Sailing

Our family is focusing on a banner year for 2017, with a lot of travel and exploration to come.   I have personally traveled over 75,000 miles this years, to many of the Caribbean islands, Hawaii, and a good portion of the USA.   The year of 2017 will include a lot of international travel for us.  Life is short it is time to live it while we have it!

Where’s The Map Info Travel Blog Intro por wheresthemap


Also last but not least, although I nearly forgot about this and posted this blog before writing about it.  The 2016 presidential election in the USA.
This election has been over for longer than a month, yet the drama still continues.
It is crazy to me that the left is still crying out about a rigged election, etc.  When they were caught red handed pushing Bernie out of the election using nefarious tactics, including voter fraud in the primaries.  Then with the wikileaks revelations, a lot more corruption was revealed.  The whole time Trump was referencing the voter and election fraud by the DNC (which has now been confirmed), the left such as Obama and Clinton said that if Trump fails to concede the election if he loses, then his actions will undermine democracy.  Where-as when the left does it, it is not undermining democracy?  Even with a recount, it has been confirmed that the DNC was involved in a lot of voter fraud that was not even known about when Trump was calling out a rigged election.  The left is spending millions and millions of dollars just to confirm the obvious, that they (the DNC) practiced massive voter and election fraud the whole way through, from the primaries to the general election.  The corruption in government was also revealed with no doubts in the Podesta email release.
Now the left is pointing their fingers at Russia for “hacking their emails”, which to me is an admission of validity.  However, instead of addressing the contents of the emails, they are making baseless claims about how Russia did something wrong, with no evidence.   Now the CIA of all entities is pointing their fingers at Russia and not revealing any evidence either.
When the CIA has gone on record during congressional hearings to admit they use fake news, to influence politics and international agendas
See this video here of the CIA testifying in front of congress in 1975.

On the last note, Obama signs in a new bill on Christmas holiday in secret to ban alternative media.
As if the CIA and Mainstream media is a good source, knowing how often they have been caught using fake media to manipulate the masses.
So anyone who counters or exposes the government’s fake media will now be legally restricted.
Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017

There are thousands of videos out there where people have exposed the MSM lying and using fake media for political reasons.

I made my case regarding the lying corporate media vs. social and independent media back on June 1st. 2011.

Corporate Media vs. Social Media

Dangerous times ahead people.  Be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.

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