Aftermath: Hurricane Irma updates September 12th 2017

Hurricane Irma is over now, as is Jose and all of the major tropical storms that came during the first week of September.   There was a lot of destruction and death left in its wake.  Now we deal with the aftermath.

We are currently on backup power via inverter that is attached to our car battery.  Our water was just restored yesterday, and it has been intermittent since it was restored.  I have had limited internet and cell phone access, however I will say that AT&T is a true MVP in this storm, they have been up more than down since September 6th.

We are now almost one week into the aftermath and what we hear with our limited communications is the follow.

Hurricane Irma Toll Jumps to 34 in the Caribbean

Irma death toll in US climbs to 12, power restored to over 2 million

Several Caribbean islands were completely decimated.  The islands of Barbuda, St, Maarten, St. John, Culebra, much of St. Thomas, parts of St. Croix, parts of Cuba, and several other islands in that general path had near total destruction.

The Rubble And Recovery Of U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas Aerial Footage After the Storm (this is our old home, before moving to Puerto Rico recently)

They are in shambles;

We heard through a few chains of contact, that a 15 year old old boy from our homeschooling group lost his life trying to save his siblings also.  I have not received all of the details, but this is the information that we have so far.

This is some of what we experienced in Puerto Rico.

Update 09/11/2017. We are fine. We got through the storm without much trauma of any sort.
We lost at least one friend, many friends lost their homes here in the islands. The storm was treacherous and unforgiving for many.

We still do not have power or water in Puerto Rico. Our water comes one intermittently, but so far we have had no power since the storm.

So I will write up an update at a later time. Meanwhile I have created some video updates. Some of my updates are video of the aftermath, via the ground and via aerial drone point of view.

Latest update on 09/11/2017

Damage survey and video during the storm;

Pray for those still regrouping and cleaning up the mess that

One thing that I had an interesting conversation about in the aftermath of the hurricane, is about human weather manipulation.

Top Scientist Dr. Michio Kaku made a shocking confession on live TV

Not only did  Dr. Michio Kaku speak about current experiments that prove lasers can seed clouds and manipulate the weather, he cites past programs that the military weaponized weather manipulation tools against enemies in war time, such as during the Vietnam war.

Operation Popeye – Wikipedia

This makes me think that this agenda for climate change manipulation or reduction may benefit from these horrible storms.  These horrible storms may not be naturally occurring either.  Is it possible that scientists are manipulating the weather to influence a political agenda?  I think it is very possible.

jumanji natural disasters

jumanji natural disasters

Either way, stay safe, and be prepared!  There have been huge fires, earth quakes (8.4 EarthquakeMexico, 260 Earthquakes in Idaho since September 2nd as of September 11th), solar flares and volcanic activities in record amounts as of the last month.  These issues can effect anyone anywhere.


P.S.  If you are a boating family, and you have lost your boat/home, please let us know.  We know many people lost their boats.  However if you did not have insurance and you lost everything, we know of someone who can help you.  This offer applies to only one family, because the resources are is limited.  However if we can get one family that really needs it helped, then maybe other people will step up and help other families in need also.  As a community we can take care of those who need help.
  You can call me at 208-269-8410.   I can’t give too much details on this public venue.  But it will be worth your time to contact us if you need help and you are a boating family in the Caribbean.

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