All lives matter, even police

On the notion of “all lives matter” as I frequently say on my facebook page “Marijuana Activist For Life“, I do not exclude police lives.   While I have been at the wrong end of police brutality, as well as trumped up charges for everything from marijuana possession, to “using the streets without a permit“.  I do not think that inherently all police are corrupt.  In fact I have met with police who I have the utmost respect for as humans, and those people I believe uphold their oath’s to the constitution.   There are bad apples in every group, and police are certainly no exception.

There is no reason why it has to be “all or nothing”.  There is no reason to hate all police just because of a few bad experiences.  I can be empathetic knowing things that I know about police.
First of all, the police departments typically do not hire the best and the brightest.   While police get paid fairly well, and get great benefits, it is not because they are the top of their class, or that they have the potential to revolutionize the world.   In a recent New York  2nd Circuit Court of appeals case, a judgement came that police departments can “reject applicants that score too high on intelligence tests“.  (I am not making this up)

It serves reason, that people that are ‘too intelligent’ are not going to always obey orders, as they may question the orders and analyze policies too closely.   This could be one of the reasons that when a police officer cites a law that restricts something like free speech, or other unalienable rights, that they do not know the actual law, and can’t cite a statute.  I have witnessed this in my own life, and I have watched this unfold in online videos of confrontations between police, and accused citizens.  Just do a little search, for example “cop doesn’t know the law” in google.

Combine that with the very tough job that police have, that they essentially risk their lives every time they go to work.  I mean a cop has a very serious job risk compared to most other jobs/careers, and the possibility of a very violent and potentially deadly situation has extremely great odds.   These people have children, and want to make it home at night, but their job calls for them to be put in harms way.  So much as a minor traffic stop can result in a deadly outcome.

Stacking up the fact that many cops have a lower than average IQ, that they probably do not always have great diplomacy skills, and the fact that there is a high amount of stress by risking a random and violent encounter while tending to their duties of their jobs, allows me to sympathize with their position.

It is unfortunate though, that cops do not require more training than 6 months of police academy to become police in most cases.  It would seem rational to me, that if a police officer is going to enforce the law, he/she should know the law.  So if a lawyer’s education consists of between 7-8 years of higher education, it would serve reason that a police officer would need at least that amount of education.  It would also serve reason to take a course, or a university minor in some sort of diplomatic education or psychology, as to not have to resort to violence as one of their first negotiation tactics.

But on to my personal feelings about police.   I am honest about my feelings when it comes to police.  Like I said, there have been cops I have liked and cops that I have not liked.   But the important thing to remember, is to treat others as you wish to be treated.  So even when a police officer displays bad manners, or improper use of the law, I consider the issues that I noted above.
If I believe correction or education is needed, I do my best to offer that correction, or at least make the public and their superiors aware, as I have notice that many police do not like to be corrected.

I have made notes in a recent video blog that I made of the times that I have wrote about police in my news paper.  I have praised the police, and I have criticized them.   I don’t hate them, just because they are police, and I try to not let hate creep into the feelings that I have for anyone.  It does no one any good to hate.  So I vent from time to time.   This was my venting from a few days ago about how law enforcement in Oregon “just following orders” lied, and faked out people in Harney county, making the locals believe that they were militia, while these agent provocateurs from law enforcement pretended to be militia members while harassing and intimidating locals.   Ref;   More information on law enforcement counter intelligence programs (FBI),  and yet even though I criticized the police, and admonished the FBI and other agencies for attempting to provoke violence, and eventually executing LaVoy Finicum in cold blood.  I did point out several experiences that I wrote about in my newspapers where I praised the police for doing a good job of honoring their oath, and protecting and serving the local people that are in their jurisdiction.

I have been blessed in several of my businesses to have befriended police on patrol that would drive by my business at night, sometimes while I was working, just to make sure there was no break-ins or suspicious behavior.  This was especially true in Modoc county California, where we owned the High Desert Trading Post.   But there was also another time that I praise a police officer for being sensible about parking tickets that his subordinate officers kept ticketing me on my own property, and he personally came to my home and viewed the parking situation, and when he realized his officers were wrong, personally threw out multiple tickets without hesitation.

But now I am reading about how Ferguson Gang Leader Admits “Eric Holder Paid Us To Start Riots“, and how Eric Holder sold weapons such as M16s to Mexican cartels, and one of the weapons was later found to have killed a border patrol agent.   Or how former Fire Marshal of Harney County, Chris Briels reported to have caught FBI agents posing as militia and harassing local citizens.  Or all of the many obvious police/LEO murders, where no police officer is charged.  From Ruby Ridge, to Waco, to Eric Garner, and now LaVoy Finicum (who I doubt these police officers will see any justice served for their crimes).   My biggest issue is that despite having lower IQs, and lack of training, they should be held accountable, and are not.  They should not have more rights than any other citizen just because of their badge.  If they do wrong, they should be charged and tried just like any citizen.  But that is almost never the case.   I am all about accountability, and cops seem to have none.

So no, I do not hate cops.   I try not to hate anyone.  But I sure as hell am disappointed in our system.   People are people, we have flaws and faults, all of us do.  But that doesn’t mean that just because one has a badge, and the other doesn’t that we should be treated differently.  That is my only real concern.   I think it is wrong that police applicants can be rejected for having low IQs.  I believe they hire LEO like this (dumb) so that they will follow orders without question.   That also shows a lack of personal accountability, like “hey Im a moron, don’t blame me, I was born this way”.  Also police will say to a suspect, when investigating a crime, and a suspect says “I didn’t know that was illegal officer”, and the LEO will respond “ignorance of the law, is no excuse”.  That should apply to both the one wearing the badge, and the one who isn’t, equally.

Im with stupid, dumb cops

Im with stupid, dumb cops

It’s also no wonder that police informants are typically some of the lowest of the totem pole for IQ and common sense.  These people have few brains, but also few morals.  This is why police so effectively use these people.   Typically it is drugs that have rotted their brain that makes them this vulnerable mentally and morally, and some of these folks are just born dumb.  But it serves reason that drug addicts would be very easy for police to control, especially when waiving charges over their heads.

I believe in holding people accountable.  I do not believe in irrational hatred of all police, or of all of any group of people.   That is ignorant and it adds to the problems in society with mistrust, violence, and corruption.  When everyone hates police, that contributes to their bad attitude towards the public.   Reference a recent police shooting at Panera Bread  (mind you, just a few days after the owner announced that guns were banned from all of their locations).  That is no excuse for police killing USA citizens practically one person every 8 hours.  But it a two way street.

In 2015 there were over 1200 people killed by police in the USA.  This is an outrageous amount of people to die at the hands of people who have sworn an oath to protect and serve.

So I ask people to pray for or at least empathize with police, and lets fight this 2nd Circuit Court ruling that allows law enforcement agencies to discriminate against intelligent applicants.  It is a huge disservice to have a bunch of cops wielding the color of law, and the authority that comes with a badge, that are not very educated, and have very low IQs, who will not question their orders, or know the laws in the first place.

There is no need to be so polarized and totalitarian that you hate anyone with a badge.  You are just becoming a part of the problem with that kind of attitude.
It’s important to win the minds and hearts of all people for the cause of liberty, so that we can ALL be free and we can most effectively do that, by treating fellow humans with dignity and respect, until they prove that they do not deserve it.


Ryan Thompson


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