There is always time for some good craic

While visiting Ireland these last few months, it has been an ongoing halarity.   The Irish know how to have good “crack” AKA “craic”.   This term is often mistaken by Americans and others as something illegal, and I suppose in some if not many instances it could well mean just that.  But generally the “crack” is about the good times, or gossip, or as we might call it in the USA “shooting the shit”.  While working construction in my life we called this “riffing” or they may call it in England or Australia “taking the piss”.

Reference from Wikipedia on “the craic”.

Craic or “crack” is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – the craic – as in the expression “What’s the craic?” (meaning “How are you?” or “What’s happening?”).

In my life, the people who can “riff” or “take piss” are the best of lads.  I worked on construction sites from the age of 12, until I was 20 years old.   All of my best mates while working construction could pull off some of the lowest down and most cruel “shite talking” of them all.  It would go back and forth, one lad would say something like  “what’s wrong with you, you work like a lady”, and another lad would fire back with something like  “ya, well last night I slept with your lady”, and it would carry on from there.   Quite honestly this was a great morale booster, as the lads would get more and more pissed it would typically mean the more work would get done.  It would light a fire under our arses and everyone would be all that more ready to outdue the next lad with how much work they could do.   
I don’t recall working on one crew in my life time that we didn’t riff like that, at least in the construction trade.   

So once upon a time, I met a girl who would soon become my wife (still is).   Within four months of meeting her we were married.   In the time between meeting her and marrying her, she had me take her brother on a construction job with some lads that I knew from school.  I agreed, but didn’t know a thing about him.   Well, it was pretty apparent that this boy did not know a thing about working nor did he care much for riffing.   After a few days of riffing on the crew with this kid, which was everyone on the crew, riffing with everyone on the crew..   This kid got more and more pissed but instead of riffing back he just refused to work and eventually got fired.   I begged for his job back, and they riffed with him some more and told him that they hired him back at $1 less per hour than he was originally hired at (they weren’t serious).   This made him more pissed and a total of 8 days into the job, he went home pissed and with permanent hurt feelings and I was to blame apparently for not standing up for him.  (as if getting him the job, and then begging for his job back when he got fired wasn’t enough)   But as for me, I carried on for another 30 days and they riffed me more because I brought on the red headed kid who wouldn’t work and got his feewlings hurt.   I carried on and I was use to riffing, so it was fun.  We got the job done, albeit it a little later than expected and with a foreman who was pissed off because a certain red head said some bullshiz to him before leaving to go back to momma’s house.   But it was finished and life went on.

However, for the next 15 years this kid never forgot how his feewlings were hurt and continued to harass us.   Not just us though, after 12 years of it we looked up his police record (after he called the police on us) and in the 12 years that he harassed us, he also collected some restraining orders and harassment charges from other people who hurt his feewlings.




History of harassment

Long history of harassment


More on this at:

Now a year or so will go by and we won’t hear from him or about him and just when we are sure he has moved on, we get another string of insults and internet harassment.  Sometimes he sends the police to our home, even though we are thousands of miles away and haven’t spoke to him for well over a decade.

Anyway, time for the good craic that I had today after getting some of his insults on youtube sent my way.   I found that this lad has a youtube channel dedicated to me, and has been working on a playlist that is titled with the brand name of this website “Clovis Star”.   He finally manned up and made a video with his own voice  (though it’s still pretty much anonymous, because he doesn’t reveal his face, name, or identity, just his voice). 

[side note]
However I also got a privacy violation from a video that I made a year ago.   The privacy violation was decided in my favor and the video wasn’t taken down.   But it was about this kid (kid in the loosest of terms, he is something like 36 or more).  I made this follow up to it:
He tried to take this one down as well, and failed;  It’s all about you

Anyway, I responded to his video that he made that was a “riff” I guess, with his idea of what a Christian is.  Basically what the theme of his video is, is showing how Christians don’t know science, and so anything that they don’t understand about science, they just say “Oh that is because God did it” or whatever.  Sort of a straw man video to take a swipe at theists. 

So I used the name that his adoptive dad called him “Cartman” and since he is from an area called “South Park” in Pocatello Idaho, I made the video with a South Park cartoon theme, and I responded to his video with a riff of my own.   Also I used Cartman not only becasue of the obvious similarities, but also to avoid a privacy violation on youtube, because he is pretty quick on the draw with those complaints.    See how fun this can be!  And this is exactly how it should have been on the construction crew that time that he got so damn pissed off.   But instead, it had to end in a giant fit.  

Anyway, this is my take on how atheists believe that theists blame all things unknown to them on a Creator, and despite not knowing the answer for somethings, rely on only faith.  This is my impersonation of his video.
I point out how dogmatic many atheists and evolutionists are as well in this funny skit at the end from “It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia


Presentation by BW Cartman to Disprove Evolution

This is a presentation given by B.W. Cartman that I found while browsing youtube. This BLEW MY MIND! He makes a fantastic point, by saying basically that anyone who doesn’t know anything about science will likely have faith in God instead.

For instance in this video Cartman shows this leaf, and the leaf has turned yellow, but it used to be green. A person of faith would say “the leaf turned yellow because the Creator turned it yellow”.

Now I finally understand the inner workings of the universe.

I was also startled to find that this chap has a whole playlist dedicated to my brand “Clovis Star” and “Clovis Tribe”.

In the past I have actually made a presentation in response to Richard Dawkins that addresses these “delusions” of the people of faith.


And to see the orginal video that I found on youtube, that I am responding to, check this;

As a final thought on this, I read something on facebook today that applies to many if not everyone that I know.
It is also something that I heard a great show about between Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson, which the gist is, if family is toxic, it doesn’t mean you are stuck with them just because they are family, sometimes hard choices have to be made to preserve sanity and other important aspects of life.

Anyway, for those dealing with difficult family, I found this to be good advice.

“Fun topic, not really but it should be discussed openly. I realize this problem is pretty much widespread so buckle up, it’s going to be awkward and irritating. The leading causes of divorce are communication and in-laws. In divorces caused by in-laws 5 traits stood out.
1- turning spouses against each other. Whether it’s bad mouthing them, spreading rumors, pretending like they don’t exist, in-laws who create tension, single out spouses, intentionally hurt, insult or belittle them or play favorites are a problem. 
2- they overstep boundaries when it comes to struggles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fight between spouses, financial trouble, life choices like changing jobs, advice is fine, demands, extortion and lashing out are not. Remember your time to make decisions is over. Be there but accept that the choice isn’t yours. 
3- not respecting physical boundaries. Know what married couples love? When they finally have some time off together, alone time, when the kids are in school and things are getting exciting and your in laws show up uninvited and start banging on your door. Don’t buy lacey panties or sex toys either. That shit’s weird. You’re definitely not welcome in the bedroom.
4- Not respecting priorities, your kids are adults now. That means jobs, family obligations, tight schedules and little time for quality conversation and intimacy. It’s not okay to schedule your child’s life. They’re an adult. It’s not okay to plan their life, demand time, and lash out when you get told no. This includes holidays too. With so little time for themselves you’re time is even smaller. Cherish what time you have but don’t demand more. Happy couples spend 80% of their free time with each other. The other 20% is spent on hobbies, entertainment, self improvement and physical fitness. You’re part of the 20%. If you demand to be part of the 80% it’s not going to work. 
5- Overstepping parental boundaries. You’re a grandparent not the parent . Good intentions aside it’s not ok to micromanage how someone raises a child. Especially if you’ve screwed up in your child’s life. Some parents see grandchildren as a way to fix the mistakes they made as a parent. A second chance. But that’s definitely not healthy. Don’t spoil grand children, try to buy their love, or promote unhealthy habits. Respect the parents decisions because if you don’t things will only end badly.
So how do you fix these problems? Talk about it like an adult. Let them know that it’s not okay for them to violate boundaries, attack your spouse or undermine your decisions. They have the option to change or continue to cause problems. If they don’t it will either end with a child who blames them for a failed marriage or a child who no longer wants them in their life. But ultimately it’s up to them to respect your life and relationship. You can’t make them change but you can change how you respond to it. If this doesn’t apply to you that’s great. Keep it mind for when your kids start a family of their own. If it does apply take what you’ve learned, research more and walk in with a positive attitude and the knowledge to fix things. But if it doesn’t work out you need to be prepared to make changes of your own.”

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