Anarchists and “Anti-Fascists” calling a black guy a racial slurs and beating people

From recent “anti-fascist” and “anarchist” protests in several areas of the country we see a increase in violence and racism from these so-called “anti-fascist” fascists.   These people are reminiscent of the Nazi brownshirts around the 1933 German election.   Claiming to “fight for the worker” and “help the country” etc.   But in reality they were there to intimidate and stir up violence and hatred.   These people aren’t “anti-fascist” or even “anti-racist” they are both racist and fascist.


Here is where the “anarchists” get heckled by a guy in the crowd, and their response is to use racism to belittle him.

Here is where the “anti-fascist” use violence to shut up their opponents who are simply taking pictures at another demonstration.

Notice how they have signs that say “stop hate” and “anti-fascist” yet they display in force exactly what they say they are against.
No wonder they are masked, like a brave internet troll.  They have no balls, or else they would demonstrate without masks.

92% of Berlin left-wing activists live with their parents | Daily Mail Online

AntiFascist beating people and committing arson

AntiFascist beating people and committing arson

A report from the UC Berkeley protests/riots.


This is happening all over the world.  Lauren Southern got beat in London by fascists.  I mean by anti-fascists.

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