Anonymous video “We Stand with Ammon Bundy”

Is this the real anonymous?    Since they are anonymous, you really have to identify “them” (who is “them”?) as a group with signs and indications of their purpose, and of their results.  Some anonymous folks have gotten arrested, so I guess we can sort of see into the group as “real people”.  But typically just smart, non-threatening, perhaps odd in some cases, people IMHO.  I guess only time will tell if justice gets served in the same fashion as in times in the past..  The real anonymous that actually get their goals accomplished (purely my opinion), seem to have a nack for getting it right, and effective at getting their goal accomplished.  If it will be vigilante justice, then it will be interesting to see the results..
See this RT article and video apparently from Anonymous, or at least claiming to be anonymous.
The things that I will agree with, is that in the video they expressly say “we do not call for violence or for an armed uprising” and that “The FBI has the weapons, but not the heart”, and “we want justice for Lavoy”,  “we stand with Ammon Bundy” and “as patriots sit in jail awaiting trial, anonymous will give them our full support” “when the government will no longer fight for justice, the internet will” followed by their famous tag line…  But they say “Just as we call for justice for Michael Brown, we call for justice in LaVoy”.  I agree with calling for justice for both.  But Michael Brown to me appeared to have just robbed a conveinence store and used violence, and the officer said that Michel Brown used violence on him”, and there was evidence of violence.  That to me is peculiar enough, that I think the evidence weighs against Michael Brown.   We will never get much deeper, because there will be no deeper investigation, and Michael Brown can’t be charged for that apparent roberry that had just occurred a few blocks away from where he got killed.  I think that Walter L. Scott, shot to death by a South Carolina police, was a much more disturbing case that illustrated an attack on a clearly innocent man, where to police planted a taser to make it look like there was a struggle that didn’t take place, but there has been no real justice.   But the LaVoy murder was outright murder.  I had been saying for weeks this reeks of Ruby Ridge or Waco where the government was caught red handed killing their own people, who were not violent people, on their own property, with brutal orders from their superiors.

I agree with Lavoy, that we should have “as much dialog and openness as possible”, in talking about how their meetings with the FBI when from very warm and welcoming, talking with the FBI face to face, talking with the Sheriff face to face, on multiple occasions.  There was no need for this violence.  I am glad that groups like anonymous are getting on board with this.  I truly wondered if they would.  I wrote an article on xCannabis, talking about the typical pot head arm chair activist, and I compared them to the “real” activists out at the wildlife refuge.    Comparing real activists to hipster pot dealers.   I make comparisons a lot.  Don’t mistake this as anything other than some guy on the internet’s opinion.  I came from a Mormon background and I have a long history with being at the wrong end of cannabis laws.  So I also wrote about the difference between historical Mormons, what LDS people are known for in their recent and distant history, and compared them to the face of Mormonism like what you see on TV, and how it operates in totally different ways from the original Mormons of the 1800’s and now.  Except with the small minority, which includes Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy, LeVoy Finicum (RIP), most Mormons pretend “nothing is going on”.  Unlike me, who’s been cleaning my rifle lately.
 See this article if you are interesting in my brief comparison of Mormons today, and Mormonism of history, and what I think of these fine men that stood up for their neighbor in Oregon.  Mormon Ranchers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge are much like the original Mormon pioneers

Please watch the LaVoy Finicum interview that he gave the day before his murder, talking about how the meetings with the FBI and their disposition had changes in the recent days, after having many cordial meetings with all branches of law enforcement face to face many times.  See the first few minutes of this video where LaVoy is giving an interview.  I don’t endorse, nor did I contribute to any of the video to follow LaVoy’s interview.  Do your own research.

Also, please see this legendary video put out by LaVoy Finicum 08/14/2015, and this describes the whole precedence for why the BLM wanted to silence him.