Another murder associated with a taboo flag – Who was Bryce Williams

The recent news of a murder suicide in Virginia has raised a lot of reasonable questions about the gun debate, and even more so, this “Black Lives Matters” movement in the USA.

The shooter, Bryce Williams AKA Vester Flannigan as a former employee of WDBJ in Roanoake Virginia was troubled that one of his victims was “racist” even though they had never met.  He also said that the other victim went to HR about him.  Apparently, this was not just one or two people that had complained about Bryce Williams, according to things that I have read.  But that he would talk about how he was discriminated against because he is black and he was gay, which is why he committed the murder/suicide.

There was a manifesto faxed allegedly by the shooter (suicide note), it went on about how he had been victimized because of racism and anti-homosexuality.    He referenced the shooting in Charleston South Carolina being a tipping point, and when he decided to secure a weapon for what he would eventually do.

I think that the similarities in this case and the Charleston church shooting are easy to compare and are numerous.  He referenced a calling from God do to this.  He was interested in starting a “race war”.  He felt picked on and weak, and referenced his race and sexual identity as being key stumbling blocks that he has fought with in life.   The shooting by Dylann Roof was similar from the manifesto, to the desire for “race war”, and the general hatred for those that he identifies with as enemies.

I thought of this just before coming up with this article in a search  REPORT: LGBT Rainbow Hate Flag Found in WDBJ Killer’s Apartment  I haven’t vetted if this is true, if in fact a Rainbow LGBT Flag was found in the killer’s apartment or not.  He seemed to be very concerned about his sexual identity though, so it’s possible that he did have a Rainbow flag in his possession.   So the obvious comparison, and question, is if the confederate flag can be linked to the Charleston murders, does this murder link the gay rainbow flag to the killing in Virginia today?  I suspect this will be an argument raised by one side or the other of the gun argument.   What does a flag have to do with a murder?   I guess the feelings that are behind the flag, it is sometimes it’s how people interpret the meaning, rather than the meaning in itself.   Some would say that the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag is a “flag of unity”, but on the same token, defenders of the Confederate Flag would say the same thing.  I believe that there are huge similarities between the Charleston South Carolina killings, and what happened in Roanoke Virginia.

This is clearly unique, and a unique situation with unique people.  But I won’t let the similarities of this shooting and the shooting recently in Charleston South Carolina slide by without mention.  Two taboo flags, and two different murders.  There are a massive amount of similarities.

Bryce Williams Pride Photo

Bryce Williams Pride Photo

I feel very sad for the families of the slain, and this shooter with obvious mental illnesses.

Here is a picture of Alison Parker or Adam Ward.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Vicki Garner is the other woman who was shot during this massacre.  She is expected to recover from her injuries.

I pray for the people in the USA who are plagued by mental illness.  I do think we should get more conversation going about that problem, more than anything else associated with this and other cases.  Clearly mental illness is playing the biggest roles in these mass murders.
Switzerland has a high ownership of guns, and yet the over all lowest crime rates in the world.   The problems with mass shootings being condensed in the USA show clearly that mental illness is the root cause of most if not all of these mass shootings.  So if we are going to talk about healthcare in the USA, that needs to always be on the table.
Banning flags, infringing on free speech, creating un-necessary racial divides will not fix this.  Flags and culture is not the problem.  It has to do with diet, mental health, and a general disconnection from each other in this society.  We can change this direction without getting crazy, without passing laws to violate someone’s civil rights, we can fix this like other countries have.   Switzerland is one of many fine examples of how gun culture can work well.

Even in places like China where gun ownership is minimal, and nearly no one owns a gun.  When someone wants to do a lot of damage, they will find a way.  Look up the knifing that happened in 2014;
So banning items isn’t the solution either.  There are a lot of very legal things that kill a lot more people than guns do in this country.

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