Assassination of Lavoy Finicum should be tried in court

When Ammon Bundy and the six other so-called leaders of the protest at the Malheur wildlife refuge in Harney County Oregon decided to go to trial instead of accepting plea deals that included lengthy prison terms and all of the negative aspects that go along with a felony conviction, including losing gun rights, not being able to vote and many other negatives, however a plea agreement promised a less lengthy prison term than if they were convicted at trial.  Many of the other 19 people who were arrested did take plea deals and some of them attempted to retract their plea deal just days before Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan, Shawna Cox, David Fry, Jeff Wayne Banta, Kenneth Medenback, and Neil Wampler were all found not guilty on October 27th 2016.

However Ammon and the others felt that it would have all been for not if they had taken the path of least resistance by accepting a plea deal.   They knew that what they did to stand up against the over-bearing government for the sake of bringing attention to the Hammonds and other ranchers in the USA that have felt the sting of a whole list of very corrupt acronyms that walk around in government uniforms and hand out unjust punishments to people who are just working hard and minding their own business, was right and just.  They felt so strongly about this cause that they risked everything, including their lives.  They all put their businesses and families and other personal situations on hold to go and risk their lives to simply stand up for their fellow man.   There was no way that they were going to give up, put their hands in the air and surrender to the evil forces that murdered Lavoy Finicum and that unjustly sent Dwight and Steven Hammond to prison for a victimless “crime”, which was to burn off invasive species and create a fire break for their ranch.

If the protesters gave up their fight to accept a plea agreement on charges that they knew were unjust, then everything that they had sacrificed and Robert Lavoy Finicum’s life would have been all for not in this pursuit.   So they stood up in front of a jury, giving lengthily testimonies of what their cause was about and why the felt that what they did was within the boundaries of the law.   They were forbidden by the judge from giving their full testimony and they were forbidden about giving many details of the sacrifice that Lavoy Finicum made that fateful day that Oregon state police assassinated him.  But they made their case for the jury, and the jury found them innocent in a quick deliberation after the hearing to which they found all 7 defendants not guilty.  The state wasted millions upon millions of tax payer dollars and terrorized 19 families during this process and in fact wrongly prosecuted all of these brave men and women who’s only fault was caring enough about their fellow man to make a stand.

Now that the trial is over and the protesters have all been vindicated it is now time to turn our eyes to the real aggressors in this situation, which includes not only law enforcement such as the Sheriff of Harney County Dave Ward, and the FBI and others in law enforcement, but it also includes the private mercenaries that were hired to pretend to be militia and went around harassing people in Burns Oregon to draw negative attention to the protest and the Governor of Oregon Kate Brown who called upon the Gestopo like tactics of pushing the protesters into a dangerous and deadly situation so that they could put the protest to an end.

Criminal Charges Governor Kate Brown Oregon

Criminal Charges Governor Kate Brown Oregon -credit to The Oregonian


The FBI attempted to cover up that they had fired shots at the moving vehicle that Lavoy Finicum was driving along with his passengers which included both women and children.

The autopsy revealed that Lavoy Finicum was shot in the hip and chest, which are the same places that it showed him reaching for in the aerial footage from the FBI drone, that both police and media referenced saying that Lavoy was grabbing for a weapon, when in fact he was merely grabbing his gun shot wounds when the police fired on him when he had his hands above his head.

The question now begs, when do the real violent criminal and masterminds in this violent assault and murder get their day in court?  Do we continue to let state officials, law enforcement, and paid mercenaries be lawless, reckless and violent?  Or do we also try them in court for their actions, which were far more dangerous, violent and lawless than that of the protesters?

I say it is long since time to put these violent thugs behind bars, and let them have their day in court as well.

I have made a petition on facebook to call for the resignation of Sheriff Dave Ward for his role in this corruption, and for his lack of fulfilling his duty to protect the citizens and people in Harney county.  Reference;

Please support the Bundy’s and the other 19 defendants that are having to go through this once again in Nevada in February.

Also pray for and please support Ammon Bundy’s attorney Marcus Mumford who is also now facing charges, and was brutally assaulted in court after the verdict came in.

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