At DOE and across the administration, we’re ending the bureaucratic blockade

Reference to a recent energy round table with Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

“At DOE and across the administration, we’re ending the bureaucratic blockade that has hindered American energy creation.  The United States has been a net energy exporter — excuse me, a net energy importer since 1953, almost as long as I’ve been alive.  But thanks to innovation and technology advancements, we’re on the brink of changing this, and in very important elements of an American energy portfolio.  Ten years ago, people would never have guessed that by 2018 the United States is expected to be a net energy exporter of natural gas.  American companies can and already have exported U.S. LNG to our international trading partners in Europe and Asia.  Unleashing our full energy potential in this country will lead to robust job growth and expansion in every sector of our economy.”

My response is;

Fission is the way of the future. Uranium is not the only source of fission. Thorium is making its way through scientific vetting.

I would hate to see us continue to use uranium.

However Rick Perry is right, the USA imports most of our energy needs.

As opposed to places like Denmark which energy is a sinificant export.

So when you (climate warriors, etc) worry about fossil fuel extraction or nuclear energy.  You are really just concerned about whether we dig for it here in the USA vs. somewhere else.

It doesn’t seem like reducing usage is what people are talking about. Because almost every American uses massive amounts more energy than people from other countries. Even people like Al Gore who advocates for “conservation”, yet has a mansion that consumes 8x the energy usage of the average home in the USA, and who flies in private jets all over the world.

The real solution seems to be Thorium or something else like it. Way safer and way more productive than uranium.

Thorium Summary

Also this is a company that I started to contribute to the energy of the future, using hemp as biofuel

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