The Berkeley Bike Lock Terrorist Outed as Professor Eric Clanton

During the @PatriotsDay protest on April 15th 2017 in Berkeley California on 04/15/2017 there was a lot of violence brought to the free speech event by #Antifa.
The event was setup by groups like the local @ProudBoys club, and other speakers like Laura Southern and Kyle Chapman AKA @BasedStickman.
There was no violence planned or intended by the organizers of the event.  However @Antifa decided that they needed to come with weapons and violence to disrupt the event.

See this video that I made regarding the College Professor that hit a peaceful protester over the head with a heavy bike lock and cracked his skull.


AKA  The Berkeley Bike Like Terrorist

Supposedly there was no weapons, helmets, sticks, etc allowed according to the City of Berkeley.  But that rule was mostly ignored and clearly was not enforced by the complacent police that attended the event in uniform.   For the most part it seems that the police were completely unconcerned with the events that were happening that day.

Reference this video from WeAreChange showing the Berkeley Police looking on at the violence as people are getting their heads smashed and as bombs are going off.

The revelations that came out about the Berkeley Bike Lock Terrorist from the @POL group at 4chan
how that a College Professor of “Ethics” of all things, Mr. Eric Michael Clanton was attempting murder by hitting multiple people over the head with a bike lock.
Yet the police sit there and do nothing while attempted murder is happening right in front of them.
That people like this are molding young minds in college is disturbing.

Eric Clanton Diablo College

Eric Clanton Diablo College

There has been so much violence and so much fascism in the past few years by left leaning groups, some paid and some unpaid, the violence from these “protesters” never ceases.  That it is no wonder someone like Trump would win.   I mean I couldn’t imagine Hillary winning under any circumstances.  Not even if Hillary was running against Pepe the frog, could she possibly pull off a victory.  But when Trump got the nomination of Rand Paul or someone worth a damn I was shocked, and more than that I was almost positive that Hillary would win the nomination, which then motivated me to leave the USA on a potentially permanent hiatus.
But then the left started their violence at the Trump rallies, which in my opinion sealed the presidency for Trump.  America grew tired of the left and all of their political meddling and their violence.   Wikileaks, who has never once had to retract a story and has never once released false information, showed how the DNC and Hillary were completely corrupt in their campaigning.   This also didn’t help the Democrats.   But Trump?  Of all people Trump?   Well thanks communists and political hacks on both the left and the right.  Instead of getting a decent respectable politician in the White House like Rand Paul, we have Trump.  Which out of the 3 of them, next to Bernie and Hillary, Trump is the best of the three unfortunately and I am still not sure I will ever come back to the USA.   But in the mean time I will hold my breath and wait.

Here are some more videos of the Bike Lock Professor AKA The Bike Lock Terrorist beating people at the Patriot’s Day protest.


The far-left seems to believe that everyone that disagrees with them is a “fascist” and a “racist” so if you disagree with #Antifa, they want to kill you.

Antifa wants to kill you

Antifa wants to kill you

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