Bernie endorses Hillary, go figure

I said all along that Bernie Sanders is an insincere, career politician, with no spine.  Now he endorses Hillary who has people dropping dead like flies who are set to testify against her, and who has a criminal history in politics that goes on for decades, from White Watergate, to the Bengazi lies and deaths, to the email server, and everything in between.  A woman who has enriched herself immensely through her career in politics as a so-called “public servant”.  Bernie often complains about the one percent, well Mr. Sanders, HILLARY IS THE ONE PERCENT (just look at her donor list) and she is well funded by the one percent!

However as I said on April 1st (and no it’s not a joke), Bernie Sanders is a liar just like the rest of them!  Him supporting Hillary, shows that he doesn’t despise the one percent like he claims.  He is supporting everything he claims to be against by supporting Shillary.


I’ve said since August of 2015 that Hillary would win the election.  I posted this video in 2012 about how all of the USA’s presidents except one (who was Martin Van Buren) are direct descendants of King John Lacklund, and English King from the 12th Century.

Kings and Peasants in the USA


There is no use voting, or participating anymore.  This country is on autopilot.  They have already chosen the rulers to come for generations ahead of us.
It is about the monarchy, not democracy!

I truly believe that lie detection software/technology is the only way to sort these things out.  We need 100% accurate lie detection software, and we need to be able to analyse these fakes.
Check into