Bernie Sander’s Campaign Hacks into the DNC database

It is no surprise that the DNC is having such shenanigans in their front runner’s campaigns, knowing that it’s Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
First, Hillary Clinton she has been involved in scandal after scandal, she is certainly no stranger to controversial investigations.  She is also, according to author Sally Bedell Smith, the first presidential spouse to be subpoenaed. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the first and only first couple to be fingerprinted by the FBI.
If there was a picture of any one person in the dictionary for the word “corruption”, Hillary’s face would be my first pick.

Then there is Bernie Sanders, who’s campaign slogan might as well be  “Vote for me, get free stuff“.  Regardless of the massive deficit and National Debt, Bernie’s campaign plans to expand spending by another 15 trillion+ dollars, and that is just a start.   It’s not as if the USA doesn’t have the largest National Debt in the history of nations, already.  But Bernie is ok expanding the debt to a far greater amount, just to glean votes.

His main contributions, come from unions.  Which sounds good on the surface.  You know, working men and women sending small donations to support their candidate.
But if you know the history of Unions, you can go back to Hoffa, who was clearly corrupt, and who likely paid the ultimate price for being involved with the mafia.
But even recently, the unions have been caught in serious corruption.   Reference this google search, and there are multiple accounts of this, even as of this year where a union is now under investigation as a “Criminal Syndicate” reference the Iron Workers Union in Philadelphia that have been investigated as criminal syndicate (not just a few members, but the ENTIRE union group), 10 Iron Workers Union Members arrested.   That only relates to Bernie, because that is his base, and where most of his campaign contributions come from.

Now to the corruption in Bernie Sander’s campaign, who just got caught red handed accessing private information from the DNC database about the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Bernie Sander’s Campaign Hacks into the DNC database

Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is suspended from accessing the voter database. The Democratic National Committee made the move after they learned one of Sanders’ staffers accessed Hillary Clinton’s confidential voter information. According to Sanders’ spokesperson, Michael Briggs, that staffer was immediately fired.


Bernie Sander's Campaign Hacks into the DNC database

Bernie Sander’s Campaign Hacks into the DNC database

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