Bernie Sanders Economic Plan – Review of letter by 170 economists

Bernie Sanders Economic Plan – Review of letter by 170 economists.
I read the endorsement by 170 economists after being referred to review it by a few friends.  This is one of my greatest concerns with Bernie Sanders, is that his economic plan is terrible, and I do not see a way to not only pay the current 18 trillion dollar debt off, not yet cover the 18 trillion dollars in spending that his plan lays out, for single payer healthcare, free college and the other items on his list.

So the letter written by these 170 economists do no endorse Bernie Sander’s spending.   Nor does it comment on his budget plan.   The only thing that they endorse, is Bernie’s plan to break up the wall street banks.

But even with that, Bernie is very weak on this issue, as we saw when he and Ron Paul worked on a bill to audit the federal reserve.  Both Bernie and Ron Paul were on the same page, until the bill got to committee, and then Bernie watered the bill down, and limited the scope of the audit, and really did more harm than good by giving shelter to the federal reserve banks.   Further more, Bernie is not going after the correct institutions.  In this endorsement, and from Bernie’s own words, his plan is to go after the wall street banks, which those are small fry’s compared to the bigger and unchecked issue of the Federal Reserve banks.   If Bernie wanted to control the economic devastation, he would be more wise and more on-point to go after the source of the problem, rather than just the middlemen.

In conclusion, it is important to pinpoint what this letter is about.  It is not an endorsement of Bernie Sander’s economic plan.  In fact, it doesn’t even mention his economic plan, or his 18 trillion dollar spending increase.

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A diagram of the problem.  The federal reserve banks are at the top of the problem, and the wall street banks are just middle-men in this issue.
It seems to me, that Bernie is trying to fix a the result, and not the source.

Federal Reserve Banks

Federal Reserve Banks

170 Economists Sign a letter endorsing Bernie Sanders plan to break up the big banks

Price tag of Bernie Sanders spending plan, 18 trillion dollars

Ron Paul on Bernie Sanders giving shelter to the banks