Bernie Sanders Platform vs. National Socialists

Bernie Sanders Platform vs. National Socialists in the 1920s  < youtube video

Moving forward from a conversation that I was having that people (even critics) were making great points about this topic of how Bernie Sander’s platform for president of the USA, is similar to the National Socialists platform of the 1920s.    This was where the conversation started out, before I closed the comments;

I wanted to follow up on some of the comments that were made.  I compiled this new video comparing the two platforms to answer people’s questions about how I feel about this or that.

There were some minor technical issues, such as one person didn’t like that I used Wikipedia as my source.  I address why I like Wikipedia, but I also provide another source.

I also identified some of the differences between  “Socialism vs. Communism” and “Crony capitalism vs. Free Market Capitalism“.   I spoke a bit about how Marx is the root of both socialism and communism, and how much German and Russia had in common in both economics, foreign policy, and social policies.   I pointed out a few sources to learn about the roots of socialism and communism.

Hitler the Socialist

Hitler the Socialist

But mostly I wanted to point out how free markets have taken 1 billion people out of extreme poverty in 20 years, and other positive aspect of capitalism and free markets.

Here is the full description from the video;

This is a continuation of the video that I created a few days ago about Bernie Sanders and how his platform compares to the National Socialist’s platform in the 1920s. I also demonstrate the pros and cons of capitalism and socialism.

Links/References from the video;

About cannabits, a currency created by me in 2008;

This is about the National Socialism Programe in the 1930s, from the Jewish Virtual Library;

Article called “The Deadly Consequences of Centralized Power”

Continuation of the trolling from the last video here;

Information about the sugar industries subsidies;

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Article; Capitalism has taken 1 billion people out of extreme poverty in 20 years;

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