Are Bernie Sanders supporters similar to the National Socialist German Workers Party?

Are all Bernie supporters similar to the majority of Germans that voted for Hitler in the 1920s? I say YES.

Here is why:

When I say “Bernie Sanders and his supporters are the new Nazis”.

This is accurate in my opinion. I tried to explain myself, comparing Bernie’s policies to the 1921 National Socialist German Worker’s party’s 25 point programme.

And literally, if you just replace the word “Jew” in the Nazi’s 25 point plan with “Wealthy“, “Rich“,  “1%” or even “Christian“, you essentially have Bernie’s ideology 100%.

  • The Nazi’s were very nationalistic. Bernie is very nationalistic.
  • The Nazi’s wanted to benefit all German people (except the Jews).  Bernie wants to Benefit all Americans (except the rich)
  • The Nazi’s wanted universal benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans, paid for by tax payers. Bernie wants this.

    I mean in almost every single way Bernie’s proposals are just like the Nazi’s.

As I said in my video, “most” of Bernie supporters support violence to push their ideology. I didn’t say “all”.
However anyone who supports Bernie’s proposals, are similar to Germans who supported the National Socialist German Workers Party.
That doesn’t mean that they support gassing Jews.  However taxation is violence!

Let’s put it this way. Bernie proposed the largest tax increases out of all of the candidates.  That is a fact.

What are taxes?

Taxes are the government claiming your property against your will.
The reason people pay is because if they don’t pay, the government will send men with guns to take them away (kidnap) and put them in a cage (prison). If they resist, the police/agents who come and enforce the taxes laws, can and will kill you. You stay in prison until your debt is paid.

That is violence. So Bernie, and his supporters support fascism and violence. Because taxation is fascism and violence.  All of the candidates do that, pretty much. Which is why I supported Vermin Supreme because his comedy plays off of fascism, and makes light of it.
The reason I single out Bernie is because he was the MOST fascist of all candidates.

You can read the National Socialist German Workers Party’s 25 point plan here:

You can read Bernie’s politics and compare how they line up with the Nazi’s here:

Maybe you don’t see the difference. But I certainly do, we may have to agree to disagree.
On that matter, I also don’t believe that the majority of Germans who voted for Democratic Socialism in the 1920’s were bad people either.
They just got caught up with the promises of the National Socialist German Worker’s party 25 point plan, similar to how good people got caught up in Bernie’s similar plans.

This is in response to a reply that I got on the following video;

Days after the GOP baseball game shooting, Bernie Sanders urges supporter to act in “unprecedented” ways, fight back in every way possible.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) June 20, 2017  Bernie Sanders “Fight back in every way possible”

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