The best place to live, out of the places that I have lived so far

The best place to live, out of the places that I have lived so far?

Best places to live in the world

Best places to live in the world

A quick summary of my opinion on our most compatible place to live.

So far we have lived in:

Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, California, Maine, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas
Ireland, United Kingdom (Scotland and England), and Netherlands

We have visited Canada, and as a family 36 states, and myself I have visited 49 of 50 states as well as Mexico.

Out of all of the places that I have lived based on geography, climate, political atmosphere, social atmosphere and legal situation.  I would say that in this order, these are my preferences so far.

#1 – Colorado
Least heavy handed government. Strong economic situation. Decriminalized cannabis as close as anywhere to true decrim. Gun rights are in tact. Starting a business is easy. People are very nice. Lots of diversity. 
If I ever move back to the states, it would probably be Colorado for me.  My first daughter was born in Colorado.

#2 – Maine
Maine and Colorado have a lot in common. Almost everything that I love about Colorado I also love about Maine. I think the social/political atmosphere is a little better in Maine and gun rights are very strong in Maine. Economics, business, liberty, etc. All of this is rated very high by me. Plus they are getting closer and closer to fully decriminalized cannabis. Not as close as Colorado, but much closer than most states.  The weather in the winter is a big deterrant for me, with my orthopedic implants and left over injuries from my car accident.  My last daughter/child was born in Maine.

#3 – Washington state
Despite the highly left-leaning/liberal attitude there is a good sense of liberty, including 2nd Amendment protections, cannabis liberty etc. Economics are pretty strong, starting a business and paying taxes on a business is a nightmare, has high cost of living.
But over all a pretty nice place to live.  I prefer the islands like Bainbridge and Bremerton, or the Northeast side, north of Spokane.    I spent more than a third of my life in Washington.

#4 – Netherlands – It is a pain in the ass to do business here.  It has high cost of living. But they have a strong economy. People mind their own business, but are friendly enough.  They have low crime rates, and a high standard of living. They are close many other European countries, some of which I really like such as Belgium. Cannabis is close to becoming more decriminalized, but is very relaxed and enforcement on existing laws is minimal. I do not speak Dutch, otherwise I think they may rank above Washington state for me.

#5 Puerto Rico – I loved Puerto Rico! Its a perfect climate for me. Puerto Rico has very relaxed laws, low bureaucracy in almost all aspects, ad they have a liberal view on cannabis and legal medical marijuana. They are strict on guns (not good for me). Overall it is not a bad place. If they lowered their taxes, privatized the utilities, fixed their government corruption (theft of tax payer money), and strengthened their second amendment protections, this would rank #1 for me. There are just a few things to fix, as well as repairing the island from hurricane damage.

#6 Scotland
I very much loved Scotland!  I do not like single payer health care, and the NHS is in serious trouble right now. But I loved the people, the geography, history, and culture in general.
The UK has a crappy government. Traditions sometimes get in the way of progress. Cannabis is completely illegal. Guns are almost completely forbidden. If you merged Colorado’s stand on guns and cannabis, I would rate Scotland as #1 on my list.

#7 Ireland 
I truly love the Irish people! I love our new Irish friends who we call “family”. I love the Irish history, the Irish culture of resistance and sovereignty. I love the architecture of the castles and the stone walls at almost every residence. I love the work ethic of the Irish people. I love the humor and the humility of the Irish people. But I absolutely detest their government. I mean their laws and bureaucracy. If I had any say in the matter, I would revert the Irish government back to what it was 1000+ years ago, under the brehon and tuatha.
If Ireland was the Ireland it was before English conquest. I think Ireland would be my favorite place hands down. Ireland has not been what it was when it was good (what all of the romantic history tales talk about) for over 800 years. Sadly. 
I wished my whole life to visit and maybe live in Ireland. 
But not so much any more.

#8 Utah
I have so many fond memories of growing up there. But I am tired of protesting, resisting and trying to change Utah. I had a lot of fire in me before my car accient, as I use to regularly visit Utah to do nothing more than hold a protest in front of a drug court or a city building.
Now I have no motivation to go back there any more.  It is such a big world and so many amazing places.  While I have fond memories and love my friends there, I will likely never go back there.  If I do, it will be because things have drastically changed there.  Otherwise, doing business in Utah is very good, Utah accomodates businesses very much.  Utah’s 2nd Amendment protections are very strong as well.
However the brainwashed culture will not likely accept cannabis any time soon. Also there is a culture of “we are Mormons, and everyone else is outsiders”.  Police are pretty hyper there, and thought control is my least favorite thing about Utah athoritianism.  The mountains are AMAZING, Southern Utah is so unique, so different from any place on earth. There are so many things to see and do there! But it is just not my favorite place.  It has a lot of potential though.

#9 Idaho
Idaho is very pretty, and being such a large state it has a lot of diversity.  The north side of the state is a lot like Washington and Montana.  The south/east side of the state is a lot like Utah.
Business is encouraged there and it is fairly easy to start a business.  Taxes are pretty low.  The major down side is there is a hyper sense of authoritarianism and government control.  It is a lot like Utah’s laws and culture and the thought control issue is big there too.  Idaho is also heavily influenced by Mormons.  My second daughter was born in Idaho.  I would never move back though.

Skipping down the list, I’ll get to California.

I will never move back to California, unless they actually do succeed from the union and split in two.  Which with “Cal-exit” that may happen.  The North East part of California is wonderful. It is corrupted and tainted by the LA/Sacramento majority, which is running up their state debt beyond belief and regulating businesses out of existence. Property taxes are terrible, and the liberal mantra of selfishness is a sickness.
Needless to say, California is beautiful!  There are so many amazing places. I loved road tripping in California, something that I have done many times starting when I was 17 years old. But its not for me.  My son was born there. I have lived in several areas of California. But I just couldn’t do it again, without being forced to, and that won’t happen.
Unlike Utah though, I could see myself taking my family to vacation in California from time to time. I love Humboldt, as well as Shasta County and camping in Modoc county.

Over all though, even though it doesn’t rank number 1 on my list, I think if I settle down anywhere, based on what I know right now. I would move to the Netherlands.

If Colorado succeeds from the USA, I would consider moving back there.   The USA is in deep trouble due to central bankers and the Federal Reserve banking system.  But there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that will happen. So I will probably never move to Colorado.

So far, that’s what I have learned. But we have much more traveling to do.   We will see a lot more of Europe, Asia, South America and possibly Australia and New Zealand before we make any permanent choices.

This is a report about the “Human Freedom Index“.  I was not surprised to see Switzerland on the top of the list, and Venezuala on the bottom.     What do you think?

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