Black Lives Matters Now and Then – Ben Shapiro and Marcus Garvey

This is a peak in to the history of the civil rights movement, as compared to what it has turned into today. This is Ben Shapiro vs. BLM in Seattle May 2015. Compared to a Marcus Garvey interview from the early 1900s.

To me it is interesting how closely Marcus Garvey and Ben Shapiro agree so much.

What is also interesting is how Marcus Garvey’s constituents called him racist, for telling the truth, the same way Ben Shapiro’s constituents or at least how BLM activists call him a racist for saying the same things that the Honorable Marcus Garvey said 100 years ago.

This is the debate between Ben Shapiro and BLM activists in Seattle in May 2015.…

This is the Marcus Garvey interview from the turn of the 20th century 100 years ago.…

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