Black Lives Matters Now and Then – Ben Shapiro and Marcus Garvey

There is a huge difference in the civil rights movement of today, and the civil rights movement of the 1920’s and the 1930’s.
For example, if the 1920’s and 1930’s there was clear and exact racism towards black people, and it was very easy to point out.
In today’s civil rights movement, where we have a black president (twice elected) of the most powerful country in the world, a black attorney general, black mayors, black state reps and senators, very wealthy black business men and women, very educated and respected surgeons and scholars like Dr. Ben Carson for just one notable example of MANY, and so many highly skilled and respected black people, there is now a fuzzy line on what is racist today and what was racist less than 100 years ago, when there was none of the things that I just mentioned above.

However when the civil rights movement in the USA and around the world started making the biggest strides, is when folks like Marcus Garvey were giving very critical yet constructive advise and encouragement to black people.
Marcus Garvey did not mince words when being critical of some of the cultural and negative behavior of black people.  Albeit it earned him the title of “racist” by some of his constituents, it was none the less true and his motivations were pure.   It is obvious today now that the critical observations that Marcus Garvey made of the black community has become exaggerated today in the cultural behavior and characteristics with  BLM activists and protestors burning down cities when legitimate criminals get shot by police, such as Michael Brown who was a bully, a thug, and someone who had just committed strong armed robbery of a convenience store right before assaulting a police officer and getting shot for it.
But it seems some activists just need a reason to riot, and this places a mark on people who are associated with these groups and creates more prejudice for the black people (good and bad).   When there is a movement called “Black Lives Matter” and the leaders and organizers are calling for destruction and violence, and then it happens.  That does no good for their cause of earning respect, and getting ahead in the world.   It only makes people nervous and possibly more prejudice, and it makes it harder for those people who are trying and doing good.

We have to admit that EVERYONE has prejudice.  Everyone!  I don’t care what color you are.   If you are a poor minority person and you see a wealthy white person, you are possibly going to make a few judgments about that person, whether deserved or undeserved.  You may think “how easy life is for that person”, or “how arrogant”, or “he probably has hurt a lot of people to get where he is”.  I mean those things may not be true.  But people do make such judgments, whether deserved or not.

Looking at the FBI statistics about crime, when a person realizes that 13% of the population is responsible for 50% of the murder in the country, that is going to be cause for prejudice.  It is not always deserved, it is not always right nor righteous.  But none the less, facts like this do not help people of that 13% of the population.   Also these riots cause the same kind of caution in people’s brains.  Just natural caution, not mal-intent in most cases.

I recently listened to a discussion between between Black Lives Matter leaders and reporter Ben Shapiro in May 2015 regarding the culture and crime surround the BLM movement.  Both sides had good points.   However a lot of the points that were made by Ben Shapiro were the same points given by Marcus Garvey nearly 100 years ago, and these points are not filled with ill-intent or malice, just real points, and things that need to be worked on before all of us can move forward.

We can’t always just blame some sort of invisible racism for all of our problems, or we will never take responsibility for ourselves.   That is a point that Ben made, and it was a good point.

Following that, I present some strong and true words by one of my personal heroes and inspiration, Mr. Marcus Garvey.

There is plenty of good criticism for whites and for police.   Don’t be so arrogant.  Don’t be so quick to judgement.  Use prejudice wisely, not harmfully.  Help one another.   I mean there is a lot more to give too, and we all have things to work on.  It’s just we need to pull the plank out of our own eye, before pointing out the splinter in our neighbors eye.

When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves, as we are ALL ONE people.

I put these clips together, and I linked on the video the sources, if you want to hear the full content.

Black Lives Matters Now and Then – Ben Shapiro and Marcus Garvey





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