Capitalism vs. Socialism – A response to The Drunken Peasants

For a long time I have been looking for a way to demonstrate the contradiction between socialists and atheism.
Which I find interesting because so many socialists that I know are atheist.

Here is the question that I propose at the ending of my video.

When atheists cite Charles Darwin’s work when talking about why there is no God, and that creationism is unscientific, and they tout Charles Darwin as such a radical thinker with such a good theory.   They often ignore Darwin’s racist theories about how some races are more evolved than other races.   This also shows up in Karl Marx’s work, which is how I see both Darwin and Marx connect, is their written work that seems to support exterminating so-called “less evolved races”.     That also connects both Charles Darwin and Karl Marx to both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, as well as to National Socialism and Communism.   Karl Marx is said to be the inspiration for both Socialism and Communism, and it shows in comparing their ideology.   Reference  Hitler and Stalin Socialist Twins

Now what puzzles me, is when these ideologies reference “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” and how these ideologies promote the evolution of our species, and yet insist that the government needs to take care of us from cradle to grave?      Socialism and evolution do not seem to be in agreement, and yet so many socialists subscribe to evolution and atheism.    I wonder what Darwin would say today about humans being cared for, from cradle to grave?   Do you think he would note that as a positive aspect of evolution or a negative?   I propose Darwin would be against ‘cradle to grave welfare’ and socialism.

So here is my thoughts on how this works, and how it doesn’t work.   I also make a brief comment on the Drunken Peasants video about my work.



A Comment About my video from the Drunk Peasants – Socialism vs. Capitalism.

This is the episode from the Drunken Peasants that they talk about my video;

This is some of the links that I used related to Marx and Darwin, and the Bernie Sanders Platform.


Much like my brother-in-law, Karl Marx never worked an honest day work in his life.

I researched this “Drunken Peasants Podcast” and I found Tommy Sotomayor respond to these retards.   Ref:

Darwin Hunger Games

Darwin Hunger Games