Have you checked your privilege? About the women’s march

I have to admit that I think that the women’s march was mostly peaceful, respectful, and overall effective at carrying the message that they wanted to vent.

Reference to the Women’s march homepage;  www.womensmarch.com

Reference to a person who took issues with the topics at the women’s march, and made a good rebuttle, from Bruce Cain

However, I am still confused about where they stand.
Are they thinking that they are picked on in society still?

I venture to say American women have it better than just about anywhere in the planet. The people who encourage America to become more like Sharia Islam, you should take a closer look.

But here is my contest to this big women’s movement thing.

Do you realize just exactly what “white male privilege” entails?

Compare male privilege to your own;

When I think about my privilege, I think these things.
1. Will 33% (some studies say 58%) of boys still be sexually mutilated without their consent each year (millions). How many girls will get circumcised in the USA?
2. Will dads, brothers, sons still be the only gender that must go to war or go to jail during a draft?
How many girls/women are at risk for being drafted? How many have EVER been drafted)?
3. Will men still predominantly work in the most brutal and physically challenging jobs, and as a result, continue to have a life expectancy of about 20% less years less than a woman?
4. Will 93.7% of prison inmates still continue to be men? (Why do women only make up 6.3% of the prison population? Are the police and courts sexists?)
5. Will more men continue to be the victims of sexual assault compared to women?

Male Privilege in the USA

Male Privilege in the USA

So while you are marching the streets wearing a pussy hat, and complaining about male privilege. Can you maybe just take a minute to be grateful for your own privilege?

Workforce issues

Men over 20 times more likely to die at work than women

Men occupy the most physically and mentally stressful jobs at a rate of about 10 to 1

Military service (draft)


Sexual assault

This study says 58% of boys get sexually mutilated at birth

Time Magazine  – CDC Rape Numbers are misleading


Sexual assault in Prison (not counted in CDC phone surveys)

USA Today – Women rape as much as men

I made a video several months ago that also addresses this subject;    Patriarchy Runs The World So Check Your White Male Privilege

This is a video to recap a conversation that drove this research tonight.

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