Citizens for Constitutional Freedom News Conference Oregon 1/4/16

I can not tell this story well, because I am watching from afar.   So here is their news conference;

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom News Conference Oregon 1/4/16

However, from what I know, several families in Harney County Oregon have been under attack by several federal agencies, after the feds have attempted to buy their lands, but the families have refused.   Many are already aware of the problems that the Bundy family has had in this area.   But the Hammond family have been under attack as well, and this is what prompted a protest in Harney county recently, when Dwight Hammond (73 years) and Steven Hammond (46 years) had been indicted and convicted for an obscene charge of “terrorism”, for a regular and controlled fire that the BLM had been notified of before the burn, and then the burn (in 2001) got out of control, and burned some sage brush on federal property.  This burn, and another in 2006 that burned another 1 acre of sage brush, was a regular burn that is to prevent invasive species from crowding out their feed crops.  This is a regular practice by ranchers.   Some 15 years and 9 years later approximately, after the federal agencies had been denied the right to buy the mineral rich land by the owners, they indicted these two men on “terrorism” charges.  There were no victims, aside from the sage brush.    There were no intended victims.  They ended up paying $400,000 in fines, and spending their sentence through in jail, and were released after serving their time.  But when they were released, the feds trumped up the required time in jail, and want them to report back to prison for up to 5 years more than they have already served (double jeopardy).

So with this, I do not believe they are guilty of anything, not yet “terrorism”.   There are people out there that set schools on fire, with intent to do harm, that get less time than these two ranchers.

I know what it is to burn off invasive species, as when I was a kid I held a job with Mapleton Irrigation company in Mapleton Utah, and my job was to tend to the canals and irrigation ditches, and part of my job was to burn off the weeds in the ditches, so that farmers didn’t have to deal with invasive species that crowd out crops.   This is a perfectly legitimate activity that most all ranchers/farmers participate in, to keep out invasive species.

So I do not find from what I have saw, that there was any mal-intent by these ranchers.  The fire got out of hand. They got the fire out.  They killed some useless sagebrush.  They paid their huge fine, and spent their time in jail.  Done deal.  But not for the federal government, who wants their mineral rich land (there is apparently some uranium under their land).

So I fully support the take over of this federal building and area, by these ranchers.  We are called to defend the constitution as citizens against enemies foreign and domestic.   The federal government has shown their true colors in this situation.

This is a video that I made about this subject;

The Hammonds who were sentenced to imprisonment for arson, were released after serving their time, and then a federal court decided that their time was not enough, and required them to serve more time in a California federal prison.  Which incited this uprising.

I am 100% in support of this militia rising up and taking action against this out of control Federal Government!

The occupation began after a demonstration in support of Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son Steven Hammond, 46, who were to report to California prison after a federal judge ruled that the sentences they had served for arson were not long enough under federal law.



Last year I made a video about what happened in Ruby Ridge Idaho in 1992 and what my reaction as a 14 year old boy was, when I saw 14 year old Sammy Weaver shot in the back by federal agents, after they illegally entrapped his father Randy Weaver, and sniped his mother while she was holding a baby in her own home.   My family would like to claim I had some other motive for reacting when I was a teenager.  But I was the same age as Sammy Weaver, and when they got attacked, I stood up.   This is that video about the Weaver issue that I made on June 3rd 2015;   The S.P.E.A.R movement in the USA

I believe constitutional militia’s, like defined in the 2nd Amendment are necessary to keep our country free from tyranny, and I support these people who are standing up for their rights in Harney county Oregon.  They call themselves;  Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.  Hats off to you all!


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