Citizens of Harney County want the FBI and the BLM out

The citizen at this public meeting in Harney county asks the audience “if they want to live in a constitutional republic”, and when it appears that the majority of the audience agrees shortly after, she goes on to lecture on how there is no constitutional basis for the feds to own land in this fashion, and never more than is defined in the constitution.

Her name is Donna Hammond, however she is not related to Dwight and Steven Hammond who are now incarcerated again for the second time on the same crime.

This is the context from the video description (this is by youtube user autocollisionman)

“The citizens of Oregon have spoken ! The BLM is to disarm & disband completely and the FBI is to call off all units engaged in armed & surveillance operations of Malheur county. Failure to comply will result in a swift and overwhelming constitutional militia response. The BLM, FBI & other officials have been proven to be in the wrong”

She explains why the Sheriff should keep the feds out of their county, including owning land.  I wish for the Sheriff and the authorities of the county, to see this and act on what she is saying, which is 100% truth.

And they keep saying “the citizens don’t want the protesters here”.  But for everyone one Harney county resident that says they don’t want the protesters there, there are 3 that say they do, and the Fire Chief quit his job in protest of having FBI agents posing as militia people, and harassing locals.

So this needs to be debated still, this issue has still yet only begin.  The courts, the representatives, the county officials, the sheriff all of them need to meet with some constitutional attorney’s like KrissAnne Hall, and even Gerry Spence

You can see other lifelong Harney county residents standing up and talking about the support that he has for the protesters and militia.
Reference;  “Harney County resident wants militia to stay”
Another Harney county resident  (of 70 years) who supports the Hammonds and the protesters, and says “they ain’t hurtin a damn thing down there”, and “they’ve woke us up” and “brought us together”
I like how this guy tricked the audience in to raising their hands for the question “do you want them to go home”, because before he asked that question, it started out “who wants this to end peacefully”, and within the same sentence as people were raising their hands, he then asked “who wants the protesters to leave”.

It’s important for all of us, no matter what part of the county we are from, or what backgrounds we’re from.  I think it’s important for us all to stick together.

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