Cliven – Ammon and Ryan Bundy all to be released for pre-trial

The news from Channel 5 in Las Vegas Nevada says that all three of the Bundy’s are to be freed from jail after being locked up for two years nearly for their pre-trial.   If this is true, this would be a contradiction of the declaration of Judge Navaro that these men pose a dangerous threat to the community.   Ryan and Ammon Bundy were exonerated in false charges placed on them while camping in Oregon in 2015.   However during that process the federal government indicted them for defending their land and their constitutional rights in 2014 during the “Bunkerville Cattle Roundup” by the Bureau of Land Management

A few things that I do know for sure from these trials, is that there is a certain confirmation of government driven fake news in our media.   Whereas the federal government used the FBI to have agents pose as media journalists to gain privileged information from the Bundy family and friends that attended the rally in Bunkerville in 2014.
FBI agents also did this in the Oregon incident.

FBI posed as journalists to get evidence on Bundys. 

I have posted in the past where in 1975 during the Church Committee with congress, the FBI and CIA admitted to spreading fake news.  Now it is confirmed that they are creating it.

We will see how this plays out.  

Reference to the story on the Bundy’s release:



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