Colin Kaepernick redeems himself by doubling down

Colin Kaepernick redeems himself by doubling down.

After Kaepernick sits out the national anthem multiple times, he then double downs on his protest and pledges to donate his first million dollars this year to organizations that fight against police brutality.

I am not a sports fan, not a professional sports fan anyway.   I have personally played soccer all of my life, and my kids play soccer.  I can’t play any more due to an injury, but if I am going to watch any kinds of sports I will go to my kid’s games.
I refuse to support a bunch of sweaty old men who get to play a game, and then complain that they are not getting paid enough.
I made this video about that topic back in June; Football players vs. CEOs

However when a sport player has a cause, and believes in it so strongly that they would risk their career, and they would donate their proceeds from their salary to fight for what they believe in.  I can support that!   I support Kaepernick in his quest to bring attention to police brutality.

A few things that I am going to disagree with Kaepernick on, is that I do not believe that the incident rate to murder ratio shows that black people are treated unfairly.   In fact roughly 6.5% of the population which are black males are responsible for around 50% of the murders in the USA according to FBI statistics (I posted my facts here), and a white person is roughly 40 times more likely to get violently assaulted by a black man than the reverse.  yet white people get killed at double the rate of black people by police in this country.   If we were looking at incident ratios to murder rates by police, black people statistically should be getting killed by police more than twice as much as white people, but the opposite is true.

Also when Kaepernick says that black people do not get equal opportunity or equal justice.  I disagree with this as well.

1.  White males do not get any such thing as affirmative action, or job preferences mandated by the federal government

2.  White people do not have any all white colleges

3.  White people do not have a white history month

There is a lot that is not true about his cause, and about the black lives matters list of demands that they recently published.

However, setting all of the facts aside, I am glad that at least one football player has a cause, and is willing to fight for it with all of his heart.  This is much better than spending money on fancy houses and sports cars, and not giving a shit about the rest of the world, like most sports players do.

Sports players that start businesses, or donate to charity, or do awesome things with their earnings are walking a righteous path as far as I’m concerned.


Colin Kaepernick: I’m not anti-American, will donate $1 million


I suggest donating to

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