Comparing Progressive Liberalism to National Socialism

Comparing Progressive Liberalism to National Socialism

In the years past I have blogged about my transition from being liberal to conservative, but as I learn and grow in my view of the world, I can’t help but notice similarities between historical and present times.   One very obvious period of time that sticks out to me, was the time between Marx and the industrial revolution leading up to WWII.

In our current political atmosphere, there is a debate all over the globe about “capitalism vs. socialism” or “progressive vs. traditional” etc.

In my opinion there are still definite contrasts between progressives and conservatives, despite that many people say that the parties are the same, or the parties have switched platforms, etc.

I see the most contrast between progressives and conservatives in the socialism vs. capitalism issue.   After several conversations tonight on some of my favorite groups on facebook.  These are the topics that came up.

Small government starts with you. Give up your food stamps, social security and medicare. Take your kids out of our public schools. Stop using our roads, bridges and highways. And fight your own wars!

Small government starts with you. Give up your food stamps, social security and medicare. Take your kids out of our public schools. Stop using our roads, bridges and highways. And fight your own wars!

This is from “Occupy Democrats” which they are just a “flaming” page for progressive liberals to taunt who they consider their “adversaries” which in this case it is people who believe in small government.  So they will call people who want smaller government “tea-partiers”, or “tea-baggers”, or a number of other labels.   But this is a good point they make in this meme.  I agree with this 100%.  Small government is the goal, and we have to start somewhere.  Waiting for the politicians to do something is like waiting for a bus that never comes.

So just to demonstrate that this is possible.   From my own life recently, I have faced some hardships, that prior to the hardships I prepared for them, without relying on government.

In 2013, I got in a terrible accident with a fatality, and almost my own fatality.  I broke bones in over 40 places, and in the car after the accident I nearly burned up and died on the scene.
Thankfully to some awesome first respondents, the highway patrol, the paramedics and the fire department, I did not die.  I wouldn’t have made it without them.

So for those people, I am grateful for community sponsored emergency services.  I do not think those have to come from authoritarian governments, because we had private fire departments and private security/police before this country collected taxes to pay for those things.  But by whatever means they were available, I am very grateful.  They were good at what they did, and the no doubt saved my life.   I will get back to this point after I address the meme from Occupy Democrats though.  If you want to skip to the point regarding my car accident anecdote, click here.

Accident May 2013

Accident May 2013

Now for the great points in this meme.


Small government starts with you.

This is something that I absolutely agree with.  I have worked hard to nullify laws, and I have been successful in my pursuits.

The law that I got changed, in Springville City Utah

I believe in being actively involved in changing the system on a personal level, and restricting government as much as possible.  I don’t just talk about it, I do it.

Give up your food stamps.

I moved out of home early as a teenager, did a bit of couch surfing, traveling, living under bridges, and hitch-hiking across the USA.   In that time I was able to procure charity through private means, and I went to several soup kitchens and street youth outreaches like New Horizons Ministries, and Cup of Cool Water and just wonderful people that I met a long the way.  I did get some public assistance.  I attended free adult education, in order to train for my GED.  I paid for my GED test myself at Spokane Community College, but I did get free preparation testing.
I kept my needs and my government assistance to a minimum.  I tried to be very minimalist.   But even at a young age, I did not appreciate the overbearing government, and I was happy to keep the government out of my life as much as possible.  I qualified for numerous handouts, but I didn’t even apply for most.

Social Security and Medicare

In this I have paid into Social Security and Medicare since I was 14 years old, when I got my first full time W-2 job, cleaning/digging ditches for the irrigation company.
So I have no problem with taking the money back that I have paid into social security.  However I have always said that I would prefer to opt out of Social Security.
The problem is, if I don’t pay those required social security and medicare taxes, I am in jeopardy of being charged with “tax evasion” which can include state force such as kidnapping, and placement in a cage for potentially a lot of years.

Here is a video that I made of my stand on Social Security in 2011 >

Take your kids out of our public schools.

Our kids have been taken out of school for most of their school careers.  When Common Core was introduced, that helped re-enforce our decision.

Stop using our roads, bridges and highways.

Now this is one that I like to address.  We lived on the west coast, and we moved to the east coast.  On the east coast most of our highways and freeways, at least the ones that I use daily are toll roads.  What I find in our new situation on the east coast, is that the toll roads are much better kept.  I prefer toll-roads and private roads far more than public roads, because it causes less wear and tear on my car.

This is some history on toll roads, in a place we lived on the west coast.  I lived in Shasta county with my family, and with the gold rush, and other industries that were booming in that area in the 1800s, these toll roads were built by private citizens to help others who were in business.  Not only roads, but also fantastic bridges and other private accommodations.

I do not see any reason why private citizens can not do a better job than the government in this regard.

Post WWII this nation attempted to stimulate the economy by building infrastructure that this country’s market was not demanding at that time.  So we ended up with a lot of infrastructure maintenance that we could have done without until the market started demanding it.  Which has cost a lot of un-necessary resources.  Hence this is the problem with government, especially over-reaching and endlessly expanding government, as opposed to small and minimal government.

And fight your own wars!

I am absolutely in agreement with that.
Recently I was assaulted at my house by a family member.  I took care of the problem, but he [the perpetrator] had been calling the police on me over and over because of my speech on the internet.
After he came to my house, and I made him bleed, and escorted him out of my house.  I called the police to have this man trespassed.  They asked me “do you want to press charges”, and I said “no this is family”.  They asked me a second and a third time “do you want to press charges”.  One time when the officer asked if I wanted to press charges,  I responded, “No I am not a pussy like that”.   So the cop left, and because the person who came to my house and assaulted me had called them AGAIN right after the fight, the cop made contact with the person who assaulted me and he gave them a real sad story.  After that the issue was over, because I did not press charges.  So I wrote the guy, and said “If you still want to fight, meet me in the boxing ring, I will pay for it.  But do not come to my house, my children got hurt when you assaulted me….”.  He called the cops AGAIN, and said “he is threatening me”.  When the cops called me, and started bitching me out about the message, I said “I want to press charges for the assault now, because now he is using the police to harass me”.   In which we both got charged.  Of course since I was just defending, the prosecutor dropped the charges on me.  The person who assaulted me plead guilty.   Hopefully that is the end of that.   But I do try to handle things myself, until the cops force themselves on a situation.   I figure if they want to be that involved and be used by a citizen to harass another citizen, then they can play the pawn, and do all of the back and forth.  I was more than willing to meet this man, and his red-headed step son in the boxing ring.  But they figured it was their best option to just call the police over and over.  So I played the game, filed a complaint about the police officer who wrongly charged me with a crime, and I have insisted that if they want to deal out justice, than they should charge the other man with something more than “disorderly conduct”.   I hate to get the police involved, but technically it was the other party that insisted that they be involved.
But I prefer to not involve police if at all possible.


I also believe in non-interventionism on a national level.  I am in agreement with Ron Paul.  It’s much better to negotiate than to go to war.

To further illustrate my desire to be independent and take care of my own issues.  This is a time line of my recent accident.

On April 3rd 2013, I made this video talking about Obamacare, and how I believe in voluntary insurance.
I talk about the risk we all take.  For example, my neighbors who didn’t have insurance.  That is a risk.
Then I spoke about how “I choose to go to work, and make enough money to pay for insurance”.  I mentioned how “I could get in my car, be driving down the street and get hit by a drunk driver”, and that is a risk I take.   Just like the person who chooses not to get insurance, or who can not afford insurance.


Then exactly one month later, I get in this car accident;

Man dies in crash after driving wrong way on I-5 –

Like it was prophetic.  Because that was the first time in a video that I had spoke about the possibility of getting in a car accident.

This was a video that I made the day before my accident;  Changes in attitude, Changes in latitude 2013

This was my follow up in the hospital after the accident;   Just about got killed in a fatal accident. This is why I blog

Afterwards, I lost my job (as you can see from the video that I made the day before, I was pretty much going to quit soon anyway), and I have been having a tough time financially.  But even though I don’t have an income, and even though I could qualify for a lot of subsidies.  I have not taken any.
It’s how I choose to live.  If I absolutely needed something, I would ask a private charity first.  But instead, I have just adjusted my life style, downgraded my standard of living, and have focused on recovery.  My previous investments before getting in this accident are pulling me through.   Because…  I was prepared.   100 years ago in this country, people didn’t have cradle to grave care from the government, so everyone tried to prepare for all of the “what-ifs” in life.   This cradle to grave care is only a recent thing.

On the opposite end of this.   There is a notion of getting all of the handouts available, and living in the nanny state as much as allowable.  I just find that degrading, and unsustainable.

In the conversation that I had tonight, I got into where all of this social welfare came from.  Back in the 1930s, the Nazi’s actually implemented the first social security via their German Labour Front Movement.  This is where a lot of the first social programs instituted by the government came from in the beginning.  In my opinion, the Nazi’s started these social policies to weaken the people.

I wrote this awhile back about what a New Aged / Present Day National Socialist looks like. Yes they have evolved a little. But just look at things like Affirmative Action, which singles out certain people of either race or gender to benefit, while leaving others out. Very similar to Nazism.


Here is how I rate (progressive) liberalism.  As someone who has read about and studied National Socialism and WWII very well.  I liken modern day liberals to “National Socialist” aka “Nazi’s”.   This is why.

1.  Liberals are very fond of race based laws, creating an unequal balance to society by giving un-natural preference to some, and persecuting others based on race and gender.   This is very similar to Nazi policies, not the same, but similar.

2.  Liberals are very socialist.  From socialized healthcare, to socialized business guidelines and tax structures, to endless entitlements provided by the government.   That is socialism 101, and it is the same thing that Hitler often spoke about in his famous speeches.

3.  Liberals are very Nationalist.  They always hold the “American way” up as a method of garnering support.  “We as a nation are ______” to Ad nauseam.

4.  Then there is the eugenics thing.  Liberals always seem to defend abortion on the notion of “no one should be forced to have an un-wanted baby”.   So the line between murder and compassion is drawn by “is the baby wanted or not”?   The Nazi’s didn’t like Jews, and so Jews were considered “un-wanted” offspring, and the Nazi’s killed them.   Despite that the Nazi holocaust was one of the most horrible and deadly events in world history.  American’s have killed MANY MANY more people LEGALLY via abortion laws.

5.  The National Socialist, and especially after Hitler started reviewing the works of Charles Darwin became very anti-theistic.  Burning Bibles in the street, and legislating against religion.  This is a clear and obvious agenda with modern day liberals.

6. Gun control (enough said)

This is basically why I have migrated more towards conservatism in my recent years.  I was a one time a Ralph Nader supporter.  But I feel like I have evolved in to more responsible thinking.

Progressive liberals upset me over the reasons listed below, that we spoke about in a conversation tonight.

Progressive Liberals are long standing. The so-called father of “progressive liberals” is noted in many history books as Woodrow Wilson. He was the one who in 1913 sold out to the Federal Reserve Banking system, and sold our country to private banks. But he is also the one that had these fond ideals of progressive liberals today, in regards to unions, minimum wages, welfare, etc..

Fast forward to this day and age.

Obama’s biggest contributor next to University of California, was Goldman Sachs.

Last year when the HR24 bill came up (to Audit this corrupt banking system known as the federal reserve), it had nearly 100% republican support, to put checks and balances on this corrupt banking system that has been ruining our country for 100+ years.

Over 90 Progressive Liberal Democrats voted AGAINST auditing the Federal Reserve.

Meaning the progressive liberals of today, are just like the progressive liberals of yesterday. They are in bed with the bankers, they sooth the people with handouts and warm fuzzies, and they practice “tax and spend economics”.

That is what separates an original liberal from a progressive liberals.

#1. In bed with the banks
#2. Soothes the people with handouts and endless welfare
#3. Tax and Spend Economics.

I made this video about the similarities that I see between USA Progressive Liberals and WWII National Socialists and Communists.

Some of this conversation is attributed from here;¬if_t=like


Is the GOP becoming a party of fascists? by xcannabis

This cartoon from the 1940s pretty much sums things up.