Compilation of videos around 24 hours of the time that Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered by authorities

Compilation of videos that are around the 24 hours timeline of the murder of Robert ‘Levoy’ Finicum
There are video interviews with Lavoy the day before the murder, and interviews with Ammon Bundy the day before, and then an interview with Victoria Sharp who was in the car with LaVoy when he was killed.

Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered by authorities

Victoria Sharp’s testimony of the attack on these citizens and one who ended up dying.  “The authorities shot well over 100 times”

There are videos of interviews with Levoy Finicum, an FBI interview with Ammon Bundy, and of an eye witness that was in the car that Lavoy Fininicum was driving when the authorities murdered him, and she gives her account;

Victoria Sharp, 18 yrs old from Lakeside, Montana was in the back seat of the car that LaVoy Finicum was driving when the FBI murdered him.

More about the eyewitnesses of this serious action by the FBI, that some people are accusing the authorities that killed this man in cold blood of murder. I do not have enough facts to come to that conclusion, but that is what it is sounding like.

I commend these freedom loving men and women for doing what they are doing.. These militia have the constitutional right to defend the USA from enemies foreign and domestic. Only some people are serious about defending their rights though. These folks are serious, and commendable for taking part in these peaceful demonstrations, and bringing awareness to the lack of constitutionality of the BLM and over government agencies.