Constitutional Attorney on the issue in Harney County Oregon

I have been blessed to listen to this constitutional attorney who puts the federal government BACK IN THEIR PLACE.
She defines the legal ownership of these federal lands in Oregon, and in the USA as a whole.  She defines the “equal footing doctrine” and supports it with both the constitution and the declaration of independence.   I have been speaking about this on my channel regarding the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition (ref: )

What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

Transcript (rough) from her speech.

I’m KrisAnne Hall the constitutional attorney author educator and talk show host let’s talk about over again because it’s not about the hemin it’s not about the Bundy and it’s time to take back the narrative it’s time to stop being directed and led by the media it is time to stop being directed and led by the federal government swims time to know the fact this is not about the Hammonds this is not about the bundy’s this is about a federal government that is operating outside the supreme law of the land the people are not acting lawless delete it is the federal government that acting flawlessly the federal government has no authority to own any land outside Article 1 Section 8 clause 17, Article 1 Section 8 clause 17 says that the federal government’s only authority only and is 10 square miles for Washington D C and the amount of plant necessary to operate for and ports at the permission of the state of the states don’t want the forts and ports anymore they have the authority withdraw the permission the only other section that someone could claim is article 4 section 3 clause 2 that deals with territory and then further expand our further expand on the application of the ownership of land that we talked about in article 1 section 8 clause 17 let’s be very clear about this territories thing go read the Constitution territory is capitalized this is a proper amount on with a specific meaning and the federal government owns no territory within the continental USA territory is not even land that the government owns territories land that the government holds in trust for the state once a state petitions to become a state and a member of the Union that is no longer a territory and the federal government has no authority over it bc want to state petitions and become a member of the Union as a state it is an independent and sovereign government it’s called the equal footing doctrine and even the Supreme Court of the United States upholds this doctrine it says that every state that entered the Union and turns on the same footing as the first 13 go read the Declaration of Independence you’ll see what that putting is independent and sovereign you cannot be a territory and be sovereign you cannot view state and still be a territory the federal government has no lawful control over any land in the states outside ports and port and 10 square miles Washington DC in the constitution the authority for the Bureau of Land Management I challenge you to show me because you cannot there is no authority for the federal government to dictate to the States or the people how they operate their land do not recite to me executive order there is no phone or pen big enough to alter the Constitution do not cite to me congressional act cannot pass laws to alter the Constitution outside article of amendment process article 6 section too close to says that no law made by congress contrary to the Constitution is valid Alexander Hamilton said the same thing in Federalist Papers 33 no law contrary outside the constitution is a valid law at all the Bureau of Land Management the federal government controlling our land is a law that had loved it is outside the constitution do not tell me the supreme court says this or that because the Supreme Court does not have the constitutional authority to the power of the federal government or create new power that is not the role of the top of the Supreme Court they don’t even have the authority be the ultimate arbiters of the Constitution James Madison the father of the Constitution tells us in 1798 as these are doing before the ratification of the Constitution Supreme Court of the United States is not above the state Supreme Court of the United States cannot make law the Supreme Court of the United States of not the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution James Madison so very clearly explains that the ultimate arbiters of the constitution of the states themselves they are the creators of the contract with the drafters of the contract they are the people the ones who actually ratified the contract creating the federal government takes on the creators of the federal government they are the controllers of the federal government is time for us to understand the proper role and function of our government do not tell me Marbury v. Madison, that is circular logic Supreme Court cannot create an opinion that expand its own power when the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of its own power and it’s only forty now is not a constitutional republic created by the people that is an oligarchy with a power rests within the government except James Madison said when the government controls the property of the people that is not a just government we need to realize that this is the constitutional republic government instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed if the federal government is not defined by the constitution why do we even have one if the federal government is not limited in its power by the Constitution them what is the limits of the federal government’s power if the federal government can dictate to the people into the states how and when they can use their land Riemann have control over their property and when government dictate how you operate your property the only thing missing in seventeen are the physical change is not about the Bundys, this is not about the Hammonds it is about maintaining the integrity of the  Constitution this is about defending the constitutional republic this is about making eight defined and limited federal government that is under the power of the people in the states it’s up to us to decide if we get led by the nose of the medial merit narrative do we controlled by the oligarchs ill power of the federal government as our Constitution says government instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the government it is time to know the facts it is time to stand the truth it is not about a person it is not about to people it is about it is about power of the people and it is about a limited and defined government and today what do you want want a constitutional republic with a people control the government where the stakes are independent and sovereign would you want a tablet area where federal government decide what can happen again and and how we can use that power with a pennant phone law stand for what’s right do we want to stand for what should you care with your politicians say I don’t care what your favorite presidential candidate says the Constitution is the foundation of america and if the federal government can set that aside there is no limit on it at allto defend the Republic time to put the federal government back defined but it will happen people know time to make that decision 0f people wish to be ignorant wish for what never was and never will government dictates property we are nothing but tributaries