Defendants found not guilty in Oregon Malheur wildlife refuge occupation

Defendants found not guilty of all charges in Oregon Malheur wildlife refuge occupation today October 27th 2016.

The following defendents were cleared of all charges involving the occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan, Shawna Cox, David Fry, Jeff Wayne Banta, Kenneth Medenback, and Neil Wampler.

Im sure that the feds are pissed off now.  The trial in Nevada will be tougher, as prosecutors are surely upping their game, based on this not-guilty verdict in Oregon.  Just how much public resources are they going to throw at trying to convict innocent men?

After the trial Ammon Bundy’s attorney Marcus Mumford got into a heated exchange with the judge, and the dispute had to do with how his client should be set free.  The judge reportedly responded to the effect of stating some kind of warrant in Nevada was pending, Mr. Mumford requested to see the paperwork, and the judge denied the request.  The judge reportedly ordered all of the media out of the court room, and then they tased Marcus Mumford and took him into custody.

This is Mr. Mumford’s report;

“I just turned to [the marshals] and said show me what papers you have. Then, the next thing I know they surrounded me, took ahold of me, and they were talking about I was resisting arrest,” Mumford said. “They twisted my legs, put me to the ground, then tased me.”

Watch:  Video by Ryan and Clovis Star celebrating the victory of Oregon Standoff Defendants

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Watch:  Ammon Bundy’s attorney Marcus Mumford discuss with reporters the attack on him by Federal Marshall’s at the trial

Lavoy Finicum Gave His Life For Liberty

Lavoy Finicum Gave His Life For Liberty


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