Detective Jeff Payne updates on previous discipline and current FBI investigation

The Salt Lake Tribune report on the investigation of both Detective Jeff Payne, and Watch Commander Lt. James Tracy.

Salt Lake PD James Tracy and Jeff Payne

Salt Lake PD James Tracy and Jeff Payne

The internal affairs report released Wednesday said Payne and Tracy violated five department policies, according to the Salt Lake Tribune: conduct unbecoming of an officer; courtesy in public contacts; department rules on misdemeanor arrests; the department’s law enforcement code of ethics; and Salt Lake City’s standards of conduct.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced the findings in a news conference Wednesday.

“The events of July 26 have certainly shaken our community,” Biskupski said. “They have strained the trust we have built between the public and the police department. Many of us have been left wondering how this could possibly have been happened.

I received the final documents from my FOIA request about Detective Jeff Payne, and it is found now that he had been disciplined in 2013 for sexual harassment of a colleague.  In the report it showed that he had “created a hostile environment” by inappropriately harassing a female colleague.  It also shows that he had accessed what appears to be porn while at work.  

The report reads;

“Inappropriate Materials –

  • Accessing or transmitting materials, other than those required for police business, whether or not a recipient has consented to or requested such material, is not appropriate.
  • This includes, but is not limited to items that are. Obscene languages or images Messages that disparage any person, group, or classification of individuals”

The findings are noted as:

“I find that your actions in this matter violated Salt Lake City Police Department policies II-140 Communication, II-200 Discrimination and harassment, II-290 Obligation to support and respect co-workers”

The disciplinary action taken was a “written reprimand”.  

Reference the PDF version of the report that the City of Salt Lake sent me here;   Detective Jeff Payne disciplinary action from May 13th 2014

I also received the police report concerning Nurse Alex Wubbels a few weeks ago, see the police report here

There is more information that I was sent, at the Salt Lake Tribune article that just came out as well.  This information about an issue in 1995 was not included in the report that was sent to me from the City of SLC.   Also in the Salt Lake Tribune article it shows more career highlights from Detective Payne’s time with the SLPD.  

And in 1995, Payne was found to have violated multiple department policies related to a vehicle pursuit that involved the Utah Highway Patrol. He was suspended 80 hours without pay.


criminal investigation of the incident by local prosecutors and the FBI is underway. The University of Utah Hospital has barred police from its patient-care areas and from direct contact with its nurses.  Detective Jeff Payne updates on previous discipline and current FBI investigation summary will be continued as more information comes in.

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