Disruptarian Radio launches new podcast for taboo political topics

Over the years I have hosted my own radio shows and I have been a guest on many other radio shows.  I enjoy political commentary and find it a good source of stress relief to rant about or discuss issues that are weighing heavily on my heart.   I don’t claim to be an expert of anything, but more of a student of humanity.   The more feedback I give or expression of opinions that I give, the more feedback that I get which causes me to reflect on my own beliefs and knowledge.   I have always figured that if life isn’t intended to grow, then what is the point in life anyway.   Which has caused me to travel the world with my family, and open up what ever interesting knowledge that I can wrap my brain around.   This year alone we have been to 8 countries on 3 continents, survived two category 5 hurricanes and have dealt with some of the hardest trials in our lives.   The end result has been a lot of growing experiences and a lot of tough lessons.  

All of this and a long history of travel and exploration has prompted me to share what I have experience, comment on what I have learned and get feedback through many varieties of mediums which mostly now is social media.   

In the past I have had guest hosts and co-authors of radio shows and blogs, but this time around I am doing most of my media solo as I have an awkward schedule and no one who is awake at the same times of day that I am.  Since I was 13 years old, I have stayed up all night working on computers, gaming, or coding software, so for 27 years I have always worked on the night-shift.  I enjoy this because of the solitude that the night shift offers.   It helps me with coding software but it also helps with writing projects and broadcasting projects as well.   In 2010-11 I had a co-host in Cambodia, Pastor Ray Christl who was sort of a progressive liberal guy and had some of the same thoughts as I do about cannabis liberty and related topic.   Ray was a good friend except that our politics got between us at some point when there was a person writing to Ray with some instigation, a person who has been a thorn in my side for a good many years and often gets jealous because he sits at home and doesn’t work, doesn’t have a girlfriend/wife and is usually just mooching off of his mommy (over 30 years old and still is on the tit), so when he see my family doing well he attempts to create an interruption.   This is one of many times he has worked really hard are creating strife in my life with people that I know, and also with the police (he is a bonafide and verifiable police informant as well).   Regardless the shows that Ray and I put together were informative and productive and we addressed a variety of important but taboo issues in the world (reference our show Sensi Life at BlogTalkRadio and on SoundCloud).  Mostly we spoke about cannabis legalization, however it was nice to get an opposing opinion to some of the other topics like politics and religion and to discuss it on air.  

I am hoping to recreate this or something similar to this now, and I am using a very podcast friendly app on my phone called “Anchor.FM”.  This app has some very advanced features for a phone app.  The features include dubbing in background music, recording and splicing together segments of a signal episode separately, accepting voicemail and then splicing that into the show, importing Spotify music, collaborating with a guest host, inviting guest hosts from the cloud to be on your show and a lot of other features that I haven’t explored.  I also like that the podcasts automatically get shared on popular sites like iTunes also.  

The pre-production work including researching topics, writing up a basic outline and then recording the episode for now, eventually I will also be sourcing guest hosts and guest as well as importing voicemails and comments from the audience.  The live production is very easy, as it is just reading what I have already researched and making commentary on it.  However post-production is the difficult part as I have to splice in media, and then I always create a follow up video using the audio from the episode and I then post it at Steemit.com/D.Tube.  After all of the post production media work is done, I then write up a blog so that there is a text version of the broadcast.   Soon I will also creating a TTY format for the visually impaired of much of our textual media.  

I am glad to be settled and not traveling as much right now, so while I have this temporary hiatus from traveling, I will use it to create some media.

So far I have created two new episodes of the podcast and a Steemit/Dtube video to follow for each.

The first one that I created was about “Men’s Rights and 3rd Wave Feminism” (there is a Steemit and a Anchor.Fm version) 

…and the second one is titled The Roseanne Show Reboot and the divisions in US politics (for now there is only an Anchor.FM version).

I spoke about how I have left (at least temporarily) most of the mainstream social media platforms, and now I make my media primarily on Steemit and Anchor.Fm, however I still have automated processes that share my media after it is created to the major social media websites.  My point is to not contribute any more original content to these MSSM sources which I consider it a great risk if I only put my apples in those baskets, since those social media sources are likely to censor or shadow-ban my content because the executives have personal bias against my politics.   I use Steemit primarily as it is decentralized for the most part and has been touted as a free speech zone without the centralized censorship apparatus that the main stream social media source have built into the top floor of their business model.   We shall see how it holds up to those claims.

This is my video talking about my new approach to media;

You can make money at Steemit and D.tube like me, leave the tyrants with their ruins

My new approach includes Steemit and Anchor.fm, however I have also built my own Private Blog Network of 42 websites and I am making a concerted effort to build up my own brands and my own platforms for delivering media and content. 

I hope to see you at steemit!  Let’s create, let’s build, and lets experiment together!

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