Emotional Observation Technology Moves Forward – Lie Detection

In the history of emotional observation, most people typically think of “lie detection” and of course the “polygraph machine”.  New advancements in this technology are coming out that is very exciting.  But first a little history of this issue.

 John Augustus Larson 1921

John Augustus Larson 1921

The polygraph was invented in 1921 by John Augustus Larson.   Prior to the invention of the polygraph machine, there were other methods and technology used to determine truth, a 1904 device by Vittorio Benussi used to measure breathing, and an abandoned project by American William Marston which used blood pressure to examine German prisoners of war (POWs). Marston’s machine indicated a strong positive correlation between systolic blood pressure and lying.  Prior to this, in the middle ages and going forward, torture was used to determine truth, for instance, the Middle Ages used boiling water to detect liars as it was believed honest men would withstand it better than liars.

Over the years, the polygraph machine has made many advances.  In the analog lie detector advancements, one of the most notable was the Keeler PolygraphLeonarde Keeler who invented the Keeler Polygraph lost his first invention “the Emotograph” to a fire in 1924. On February 2, 1935, he conducted the first use of his invention, the Keeler Polygraph—otherwise known as the lie detector. Keeler used the lie detector on two criminals in Portage, Wisconsin, who were later convicted of assault when the lie detector results were introduced in court.

Since these first analog inventions to the modern lie detector, there has been a lot of questions and concerns about accuracy along the way.  In the 1980s and forward, many spy agencies have been deemed with the ability to beat lie detector technology through means of controlled breathing and other techniques.

In the last 2 decades however a lot more digital means of lie detection has been invented and used by governmental and private agencies to determine truth.   From insurance agencies, to law enforcement and private employers, there has been a wide range of techniques used to determine truth.  There has even been some retail/consumer lie detectors offered, such as “The Truster“.  These products typically come with a disclaimer that “these are for novelty purposes” or “not 100% accurate”.

But in less than one century the strides in lie detection technology has been amazing.  From brain mapping, to FLIR and blood observation, to stress detection, and eye movement.
This is a small list of these technologies.

Cognitive polygraph    functional transcranial Doppler (fTCD)

Event-related potentials ERP

Electroencephalography  EEG

Facial EMG

Eye-tracking technology   (University of Utah research = http://archive.unews.utah.edu/news_releases/you-can039t-hide-your-lyin039-eyes/ )

Voice risk analysis or Voice stress analysis

Functional magnetic resonance imaging

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy


Silent Talker Lie Detector

Truth drugs such as sodium thiopental and marijuana

Most of the information above came from Wikipeida, ref;  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lie_detection

But now even more exciting news has came out of MIT, since they have recently release open source programming, that is used with video motion detection and magnfication, and can be used in both live scenarios and in recorded scenarios to analyze a wide range of typically unseen movements, including bloodflow, heartbeat and other movements.  The technology is called Eulerian Video Magnification (EVM), and has been release for non-commercial use to the public.   The capabilities of this software go far and beyond lie detection.  But based on the applications noted above in this article, the EVM technology is very effective at analyzing many of the same patterns, and with great accuracy.

I am very excited about this!  This has been a dream of mine since I first started requesting politicians to be honest, and when I started making videos to encourage them to be honest and to hold them accountable.   The first video that I made to hold politicians accountable, is right after Barack Obama was elected as president.  On December 7th 2008, I requested that Barack Obama do what he demanded of his opponent Hillary Clinton, and to keep his promises and to tell the truth.


I fully expected Obama to disappoint me when he didn’t keep his promises about marijuana and went on to preside over 6100 times more federal indictments for legal medical marijuana providers than his predecessor George W. Bush  (see minute 1:28 of this video).  But I had “hope” and I thought there might be a “change” in his approach to this victim-less crime.

Lie Detector Polygraph

Lie Detector Polygraph

This has had me thinking over the years of how useful it would be for voters to be able to analyse the campaign speeches and political promises given by candidates when they are running for government office.  For example, if a media outlet used video and imposed a side-by-side of the candidate as the speech is given with an analysis of the sincerity or truthfulness of the candidate.  How much that would translate to better law making and governance if we could utilize technology that accurately gave readings on sincerity during these campaigns?

Last year I made a video talking about my new project that I have been working on to help develop a technology that would be able to do this, after I retired from my job due to a horrible car accident.  I made this video on March 30th 2014.

This not only relates to my concern with politics, but shortly after I made that video for Barack Obama asking him for accountability, my father passed away due to brain cancer and my family from my father (wife, children, etc) fell apart.  There were a lot of accusations and family strife, also a lot of things that I did not have time to deal with at that time because I was working literally 96 hours a week most of the time.   I did not have time to prove one way or another the different accusations that were being thrown around the family, either at me or at someone else.

So what I did was I made a series of videos that I could later analyse with such a software as described above that MIT and other inventors have released.  I figured I could just state my side of the story and eventually some technology would be invented that would be able to measure the truthfulness of my words.   So that it wouldn’t matter what other people in my family said about me, or about my late father, or otherwise, because my words could be analysed for truthfulness with, or without their testimony.  If they decided to put forth their own testimony, that could only help sort things out.  But with this type of technology, it is not necessary to have multiple testimonies on a subject to analyze truth.

Well that day has arrived and I am in R&D right now working on this technology.  I have already formed a business and I am currently advancing my knowledge of computer programming languages so that I can reduce the costs of development and I can come up with a proof of concept that I can work on.  Eventually I will develop this in to a highly accurate tool of measurement.

All of these years I have used youtube to record my thoughts and testimonies of different subjects, as well as I have gathered phone conversations and testimonies of others along the way.  Since the topics that I have recorded are something that I am intimately knowledgeable about, I have the ability to know what is truth and what is fiction.  Then I can use the technology to further analyze what can be measured, and calibrate the technology and fine tune the algorithm.  .  Over the years I have gathered dozens of these often dramatic and emotional moments, and I have a series of tests that I can perform for calibration and verification purposes as I develop this technology more and more.

Without publicly revealing these very personal conflicts and without hurting people involved.  I will only publicly reveal my documentation of the Research and Development that I have been doing over the years.  Only recently did I have a public matter come up, that the other party choose to get the police involved, which created publicly available evidence that can be analyzed which I have proven without even using advanced technology, that the person lied to police.

In an incident where a family member came to my house and assaulted me, and then he called the police to report that I had assaulted him, I have not only his statements that were recorded by the police during the interview that he gave them, where he contradicted himself and clearly lied  (since all three of his statements about the same incident contradicted each other, and only one could be true), but I also had 8 witnesses that have put a recorded statement on the record, which can also be analysed for truth.

Reference to the audio from this incident and the map where I pointed out on the audio recording, where this person clearly lied to the police, by telling them 3 different stories.

Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

I feel that the release of this MIT technology, and the incident that happened between my father-in-law and myself, were perfect timing.  In cases where the incident is recorded, the analysis can be done at a later time, and a person does not need to participate in a session with a polygraph expert to be analysed in person.  This analysis can be recorded and analyzed later on with this new technology.  What was perfect about this assault, and the police evidence that came out of this incident.  Is that the recording was spontaneous, and the incident was spontaneous.  No one had time to prepare for a polygraph, no one even expected this to be recorded, or to be used as police evidence.  In fact, when the police asked me if I wanted to press charges, I declined.  But fortunately, both sides of the story was recorded from multiple sources, and that can be used as a specimen for analysis.  It was expensive, and fortunately the charges against me were dropped.  But the outcome was that I got a raw specimen for analysis, which I will be using to calibrate my technology along the way.

I am also working with other products that I have bought for R&D, and with other technology developers that have worked on lie detection technology to make a better and more accurate product using multiple methods of analysis.

This is another specimen that I intend to use for analysis.   I made this video when my parents disagreed with the contents of my biography that I wrote.
Ref;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPYZDi_O9iE
This was the story that I wrote, that caused such a contentious disagreement between my parents and myself (that I referenced in the video above);


With that disagreement, I have about 15-20 recordings from 5 different people, with different sides of the story, or different versions of the story.
This is also something that I will use for analysis and calibration.

Stay tuned, we should have a beta producted released soon.

Here is a list of videos that I have made regarding R&D of lie detection technology over the years.

I have over 1200 videos on the internet, and I feel entirely confident in these statements that I have made, in the truthfulness.  So even long after I die, these videos will remain public, and can be analyzed by anyone.   I have some video that have been uploaded to the internet that have to do with personal topics, and they are not publicly available.  But my wife and a few key people have the links to those videos, and if I ever do die, and perhaps my kids have questions about one topic or another, or maybe some historical point is being made.  Those videos will be able to be accessed with a link that has been made private, but accessible via a link.   If ever you have a question for me, about my honesty or sincerity about ANY topic, I am sure I have addressed it in the past, or I will address it and send it to you, that way you can use this emerging software to analyze my truthfulness and figure out the answer that you are looking for.  If I can help, I would be glad to.  Write me at  info@clovisstar.com  Also you can check our technology website for future releases @  www.tpnetworks.net

I have also created a Facebook Page to deal with this subject particularly.  Ref;  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Action-against-false-accusations/1527056467558405

Actions Against False Accusations Facebook

Actions Against False Accusations Facebook