Everyone is pro-choice to an extent, it depends on the topic

Everyone is pro-choice to an extent, it depends on the topic.  Even the most determined abortion activist is pro-choice to an extent. Most pro-choice people that I know are only pro-choice in regards to family planning and abortions, but that is where their pro-choice agenda stops.

I got this comment from a friend today;

And no You are not pro choice we’ve had the abortion discussion. (Situational pro choice is not libertarian.)

I would say most of the people that I talk to about pro-choice topics are not pro-choice in regards to government programs, taxes, and other social issues. It stops at the point where abortion discussions end for most.

But for me, I am pro-choice to a much broader degree. I wish to have choice in charitable donations, in which taxes I pay, in what government programs my taxes support, etc.

I don’t believe in government force and coercion when it comes to taxation and funding government programs. I believe in choice in regards to those issues.

I believe that if I don’t want to fund wars, that I should be able to choose if my money goes to fund wars or not. I believe that if I do not want to fund a group like Planned Parenthood with my taxes, that I should be able to opt out.

I believe that if I want to opt out of social security, that I should be able to choose to opt-in or opt-out of those types of government insurance programs.

Mandatory involvement in government programs like social security, or Obamacare is not my idea of being “pro-choice”.
Mandatory taxation is the pure opposite of “choice” IMHO.

However, in regards to abortion. I do support the Plan B pill, and estrogen shots in the very early stages of pregnancy. I do not believe that this serious of a choice should wait.

If someone has unprotected sex, whether by rape or in a committed relationship and they absolutely do not want a baby, then they should at least be responsible enough to get a plan B pill at the pharmacy. Plan B is an over the counter medication, that even teenagers can buy without a parent and without a prescription in all 50 states.

If someone gets raped, the best thing to do is go to the emergency room, get checked and treated, and in the process get an estrogen shot which would prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

There are alternatives to abortions. Waiting weeks or months to make up ones mind, while there is a baby growing inside that can feel, think and respond to the mother, is irresponsible and should not be legally or morally acceptable.


This is a video that I made on the topic today;

I am very much pro choice, but to what extent?



Ron Paul Says Women Could Get an Estrogen Shot in the case of Rape

Ron Paul gives a strong argument Against Abortion

This is the reason chart for why women have abortions, and very few abortions have anything to do with the health or well being of the mother, or rape.  Mostly it is a matter of convenience.

Abortion Reason Chart

Abortion Reason Chart

As for pragmatism, I concede that the Plan B is a good option, and a much better alternative to an actual abortion.
Plan B is available to women and teenagers in all 50 states without a prescription, and without a parent.

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