The Federal Government Sucks With Money

Anyone who wants to know why I refused to support #Bernie, this is a big part of my reasoning.

The Federal Government Sucks With Money

The government is already too big and too ineffective. I do not believe that expanding the government, and giving them more power, will help anything. It will likely make everything much worse..

Don’t you think we had these services before the federal government got involved?

For example, with the department of education. It’s like saying “we wouldn’t have education, if it wasn’t for taxes that the federal government collects”.

While it’s true that the Department of Education funds schools, and provides curriculum, they are not very good at it.

The Department of Education has only existed since 1980, and since they took over, educational scores have dropped dramatically. We use to be #1 in things like math and science. Now in those subject we rank at almost the lowest levels in developed nation. #28 for math and science is in a similar disposition.

The government does things, and they do thinks that we need done. But just because they do them, it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t do it without them.

The Department of Education is only a recent example of that. But we had roads, bridges, police, fire departments etc, long before the federal government got involved.

For example, when the Department of Justice started delegating funds and policies to local police departments, that is when the drug war got out of control. Which is why we now have more people in prison, than any other nation.

Or roads and bridges. The private market was developing roads and bridges just fine before the federal government came in and politicized it. Now they make infrastructure a job-making goal, rather than just building necessary infrastructure. Now we have 100,000 of thousands of roads and bridges that are in disrepair, because we are trying to keep up with roads and bridges that we never needed.

The market drives infrastructure naturally, and before the federal government got involved, those projects were sustainable. But the saying is true, when you subsidize something, you get more of it.

Like poverty, the more they subsidize poverty, the more we have gotten.

And like with immigration. The more we subsidize and give immigrants (especially illegal ones) free services, and incentives, the more illegal immigration we have gotten.

So no, I do not think that the federal government does a good job at these things. I think they do the job, but they screw it up. This is evident by how big our national debt is, and how low our educational ranking is, and other aspects of society. Before we had an ever increasing coercive system, we had all of the services that we have now, we just had a lot more accountability and a lot less waste, when these things were planned for, and funded at a local level.

Education scores have dropped in the last three decades

Education scores have dropped in the last 3 decades