Get a look into the Proud Boys and what they are all about

I will give a disclaimer here;  I am not a Proud Boy, and I have no fraternal memberships or religious memberships, nor have I since I was a teenager.
That being said, what the Proud Boys have become, reminds me of who I was as a youth.   You can read about my youth when I lived with a few ‘skinheads’ at my biography here;

First of all, the best way to get a look into the Proud Boys from my point of view, is not to look at Gavin Mcinnes who founded the Proud Boys since he just had an idea, and organized the cause, but that does not speak to what Proud Boys has become.  Instead I think examining one of their original members, “Tiny” who is a Samoan American, and who use to be far left, and anti-Trump.   But now Tiny “bangs” with the Proud Boys as he explains in this video below.

Tiny clearly has a heart for humanity and wants to fight for the greater good.  He may have a unique way of going about it.  But he is so young.
I wish Tiny the very best, and hope that as he grows older his affection for violence will rest some.

As I mentioned in my biography, some of my closest friends in the trailer park that I grew up with were Hawaiian gals, who had a huge heart for good, and wanted to be a part of the solution.   I am honored to finally be back in Hawaii, this is my favorite port in our travels.  We have been to 12  countries over the last couple of years, but we have continued to travel inter-continentally and we have traveled 100,000s of thousands of miles in the last 2 years, and yet my heart continues to reside in Hawaii.

This is some updates about our recent travels;

Now to get deeper into what Proud Boys is/are, it is really hard to pin it down to a set of dogmas, or beliefs.  I mean as Gavin Mcinnes said “It is a group of men, who must believe in Western Chauvinism”

Who Are The Proud Boys? – Proud Boy Magazine

I do think men’s clubs are long overdue for making a come back.  Hats off to the Proud Boys!

Who are the Proud Boys?


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