Government Informants in the Ammon Bundy Oregon Malhuer Wild Life Rescue Case

This is a list of the pages that the prosecutor in the Ammon Bundy case in Nevada is trying to get California blogger Gary Hunt to take down. The court has not made a decision on this as of yet. So I am mirroring this, and linking to the Internet archive on these pages that the prosecutor wants taken down.


Terri Linnel


Allen Varner

Dennis Dickenson

Fabio Minoggio (John Killman)

Mark McConnell


Robert “Rob” Seever


Thomas S. Dyman (Tom Dyman)

Much more information can be obtained by filing your own FOIA request

Other ways of attaining the identity of a confidential informant


This is my own experience with getting the authorities sic’d on me by police informants who just happened to be my inlaws.

Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

This is a video that I made to capture the data before or incase a judge decides to make this blogger remove his content from his blog.

Government Informants in the Ammon Bundy Oregon Malhuer Wild Life Rescue Case 

This is information on how to file your own FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request

As for the notion that these “Government informants are helping the government, therefore they are the true patriots”, which I happened upon that idiotic notion while reviewing this data.  Let me tell you this, that the FBI, the CIA, and other government agencies have been on record as using lies, disinformation, and corrupt tactics for over 80 years, to entrapped, harm and prosecute good people.   I have reported on the case of the FBI vs. Marcus Garvey, as well as Martin Luther King, and others.   They have a long track record of targeting civil rights movements and using what they call  “Counter Intelligence Programs” to dismantled liberty and civil rights movements.   So just because you are “on the governments henchmen list” does not mean that you are morally, ethically, or in any other way doing good.    If you are known to be a police or government informant, I will have nothing to do with you.

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