Harney County Fire Chief quits amidst agent provocateur from FBI agents posing as militia

This is what honoring an oath to the constitution really is all about.  Harney County Fire Chief blows the whistle on FBI agents poking around Harney county, posing as militia members, and harassing the locals, as a sort of agent provocateur.  This is similar to what they did to Marcus Garvey back in the 1920s and 1930s.  This isn’t the FBI’s ‘first rodeo’, with setting people up.



From Copblock

According to a press release issued on Wednesday entitled “FBI Agents in Oregon posing as Militia,” Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore states the following:

I just got off the phone with the former Fire Chief of Burns, Chris Briels, the Burns Fire Chief from 1984 to 2006. When he retired in 2006 the county asked him to stay on as the county Fire Marshall. According to the conversation I had with Chief Briels today at 12:26 p.m. Pacific time, he disclosed to me that the Sheriff’s office and Judge Grasty has been telling the community that the “militia” have been following and harassing people. Chief Briels observed what he thought was “militia” poking around the Armory and following townspeople so he took it upon himself to pull them over. According to Chief Briels these men posing as “militia” were the FBI. Chief Briels was so upset he has just resigned as the county Fire Marshall. He has gone public with this information.


“I pursued information, I took a picture of their vehicle,” Briels maintained. “I was not allowed to see [the] Harney County Sheriff. I went up to ask to speak with him but I was told no I couldn’t… so I called the dispatch. They ran the license plate. It came back to undercover FBI agents… This is absolutely appalling to me.”

Video of Fire Marshal of Harney county detailing why he resigned, over FBI agents posing as militia and harassing local people.

Harney County Fire Chief