Holi Festival (Festival Of Colors) 2015 in Salem Utah

We had a great time at the Festival of Colors in Salem Utah this year!
I grew up about 10 miles from this temple (Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple).
When I left home at a young age, this temple was just being built.
I had a wonderful Hindu family take me in for almost 2 years after I left home (roughly 1996) and they attended services at this temple (back then, services were held in the cabin next to where the temple is now).  I was blessed to be able to get to know the caretakers and to even participate in a very small way, in the building of this temple.  My spiritual sister’s Hindu name is “Tulsi Davi Dasi” and is a inspiration to me even 20 years later.

I was raised LDS, but I had never embraced the religion of my forefathers.   I was studying books written by authors such as DJ Conway, and Scott Cunningham, and other “earth magic” or “Wicca” and “Druid” type of writings, when I was introduce to Hindu via this family.   When I got a hold of the Bhagavad Gita for the first time, I merely skipped through it.   It was hard to really connect to this book, since there was so much history and culture that I was unfamiliar with.  Years have went by now, and I still have only skimmed through this book.
However I have researched this culture a lot aside from the religious works, and I have gotten to know a lot about this culture.   Though I am not in a position to judge the fine details, nor do I claim to have a lot of knowledge.  I have summed up at this point, that first of all, I need to get into the Bhagavad Gita and other religious works of this culture, to better understand it.  I also have estimated that the Hindu Caste system is a very terrible and unfair social system.   I find the workings of the caste system to be unfruitful, unfair, and unbalanced.  I read an article in Time magazine from 2013 about this caste system, that opened my eyes greatly to how this works, and that inspired me to research it even further.

Despite the negative draw backs of the Caste system.  I have a great fondness for what I have learned about the relationship of Krishna to Vishnu, and other deities and religious lessons of their faith tradition.  I also was inspired by the love that my Hindu family gave me in my time of need.

I made this video back in 2010 regarding the lessons that I have learned from multiple faith traditions around the world.  It is titled  “Different Faiths Same God

It also was my 6 year old’s birthday on March 28th, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.  She had so much fun, we all did!
I highly recommend this experience to ANYONE for any reason, from any where in the world.  This temple is amazing, and so are the caretakers, Viabovi and Charu (I may have mispelled these names).


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