How Donald Trump and Mike Pence is giving away only 7 million dollars to keep 1000 jobs?

The deal that the Trump and Pence made with Carrier deals with seven million dollars in tax incentives over ten yeas.
That means the USA keeps 1000 high paying jobs, that pay between $60,000 and $100,000 a year.
Multiply 1000 employees, by $60,000 a year and then multiply that by 10 years.
1000 x 60,000 x 10
That is $600,000,000 (six hundred million dollars) that Trump just kept in the USA.
Or, maybe we should let that 600 million dollars go to Mexico so that the government could keep 7 million dollars here in the states?
Oh wait. That 7 million dollars belongs to Carrier, who would other wise be in Mexico.
So if we went Obama’s route. Mexico would get 1000 additional jobs, worth 600 million dollars to the USA. Plus the 7 million dollars that carrier wouldn’t be paying in taxes anyway.
Don’t progressives take civics classes? Or even math?
It is all about gender studies and racism?
Come on progressives, put your thinking caps on for a minute.

Liberals having trouble with math in the Carrier deal that Trump arranged

Liberals having trouble with math in the Carrier deal that Trump arranged

More on this deal in an interview with Mike Pence on Mett the Press.

Donald Trump just saved 1000 jobs and roughly six hundred million ($600,000,000) in GDP and he is not even president yet.
I think business in this USA just got a sigh of relief, as the USA is currently dealing with over 95+ million people being out of the work force, which is the highest it has ever been in the USA, even on a per capita basis.   The liberal media and Obama talk about how millions of new jobs have been created, when in reality, Obamacare and other government regulations have made millions of full time jobs disappear, and many people that use to work one full time job are now working multiple part-time jobs, and still do not have health insurance either.   Unemployment (so-called) is low, only because millions and millions of people have simply stopped looking for work.

Trump appears to intend to turn that around.  I praise him for this deal, and for keeping more than six hundred million dollars of GDP in the USA.
Also, what happens if those 1000 jobs would have left the USA.  That means most likely that another 1000 people are on un-employment, food stamps, and other assistance.  So then that $7,000,000 evaporates anyway, even if Carrier would have had to pay it (which if they move their operations to Mexico, they wouldn’t be paying it anyway)

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