How the FBI has created criminals in civil rights movements

I have watch the FBI meddling in Burns Oregon over the past two months where the ranchers and protesters gathered to bring awareness to the injustice of Dwight and Steven Hammond’s unfair sentencing in a case of double jeopardy, where the Hammonds initiated a controlled burn, that got out of control and burn a some sage brush on alleged BLM property.  I say alleged only because the land itself to me seems to be less able to be owned by the BLM, seeing that the constitution defines enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 (something that I have been learning a lot more about since this rancher protest began), and I think that those enumerated powers do not include and in fact excludes the BLM from even being a constitutionally legal entity.  Regardless, I have watched how the BLM and the FBI have been working together to prosecute people for victimless crimes, while at the same time trying to acquire their lands.  These issues with the Hammonds came about as the BLM has been trying to acquire their land.  The charges stem from prescribed fires that took place over a decade ago.   But now the Hammonds are back in prison after already serving their sentences and being released once.   I get why the ranchers and others in this country, including many legislators see this as an injustice.    But then the FBI steps in and starts creating agent provocateur in Burns to make the protesters look bad.   This was confirmed by many people, where they testify that the FBI agents have been going around dressed up without anything identifying them as FBI agents, and playing the role of a militia member, and harassing local Harney county residents.   Even the Fire Chief (of over 30 years) resigned his position in protest of this during the nearly 2 month long protest, saying that he personally caught FBI agents doing this in Harney county, and how the local officials, told him to “mind his business”.
There was a ton of evidence of this, and people who filmed these FBI thugs doing this in Harney county.  So this is more than a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact.

It is my opinion that the FBI is a rogue organization, and working against the best interest of the American people, and working in conjunction with the BLM to participate in nefarious land acquisition missions, to take land from ranchers and miners at a lower cost, or to acquire land through civil asset forfeiture.  This land acquisition mission has also been 100% confirmed.

But this isn’t the first time that the FBI has participated in such missions against the American people.  The FBI setup a sub agency called “the counter intelligence program” AKA Counter-Intel-Pro.  This was officially established in the 1950’s to disrupt the communist party in the USA.   However, unofficially, they FBI had been using counter-intel agents going back to the 1920’s to disrupt civil rights movements like the UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association).   When the FBI infiltrated the UNIA, they used friends close to Marcus Garvey to set him up with multiple false charges, and to get intelligence on him in order to do so.  You can watch a video that I uploaded about this;  Marcus Garvey interview, Mr. Garvey speaks about his trial and persecution

The FBI used agents that were closer to Marcus Garvey than any other people on earth, he best friend.  The FBI and others associated with these agents made it seem like Marcus Garvey ‘hate black people’ despite that he was running the largest civil rights movement in the world to benefit black people, and he himself was clearly a black man.  But the narrative, was that since Garvey met with the KKK, that he was racist and a traitor to his people.   Which resonated with many people in Marcus Garvey’s own organization, and eventually led to Marcus Garvey’s downfall.

This was similar to how the FBI infiltrated and destroyed Martin Luther King Jr., even to anonymously mail a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. to try to get him to commit suicide.  Of course when that didn’t work, he was assassinated and many believe there is plenty of evidence to tie the FBI to the murder.

But the FBI has also been involved in other conspiracies against innocent American’s, attempting to set up Americans with horrible crimes, in order to manipulate them to work for the FBI, or to cease their activism.   There is no better recent case of this, than the Randy Weaver incident on Ruby Ridge.   Where agents attempted to infiltrate the Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho, and since Randy Weaver was their neighbor, they attempted to get Randy Weaver to sell them weapons.  When Randy wouldn’t comply (and couldn’t, since he didn’t have any weapons), the FBI brought him weapons in order to entrap him.   The goal was to get Randy Weaver to help them saw off some shotguns, and then they could get Randy Weaver indicted on weapons charges, so that they would have some leverage, such as “we will drop the charges, if you convert to our side” type of thing.   You can read more about this, and I suggest you do a lot of research, because this case was a mess, here is a start.  Eventually when Randy Weaver would not turn snitch, and would not comply with the FBI, they came to his home, shot his 14 year old son in the back (the BATF), and then an FBI agent sniped Randy Weaver’s wife, while she was holding a baby (no weapon) in her own home.  The conclusion was that Randy Weaver was exonerated, and the government paid Randy Weaver $3.1 million in a settlement to atone for the crimes that they committed against his family.  But not before losing his wife and son.

This is no different than what we are seeing with the ranchers.   The government tries to play a publicity campaign against dissidence so that the American people fear the FBI’s target, and then they kill their victims, and the public (some) support the move, since they had first played a careful campaign of destroying their victim’s reputation.    Read more about one of their main agents who participate in these crimes against the American people;    Lon Horiuchi and all of the dirty anti-American campaigns that he has been involved with, from Ruby Ridge to Waco.

Eventually the American people have to put the FBI and these rogue government agencies in check.   Their reckless behavior continuously is a campaign to undermine free speech, freedom and overall American liberty.  They initiate these campaigns just like the Soviet KGB did to the Russian people.  For Americans to just turn a blind eye to it makes no sense.  If some of us are not free, it is my opinion that none of us are free.  The weak minded will always follow the bully with the biggest stick.  Those who have a back bone will carve their own path.


  • In Germany they first came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Martin Niemöller

Weak Minds quote, by Thomas Jefferson

Weak Minds quote, by Thomas Jefferson

FBI Burns Oregon

FBI Burns Oregon