I am taking a hiatus from social media, while building up my own networks

I have finally had enough of social media pressuring content providers to cater to liberal/progressive whims.  From social justice topics to political candidates, it seems that social media websites and content hosts are penalizing people that do not cater to their specific narrative.  I think it is a rotten ploy to invite people to what is supposed to be a neutral platform, and censor anyone who gets a lot of traffic that do not cater to the liberal biases of the owners or management of the websites that the content is hosted on.

Recently a video questioning the authenticity of some of the survivors in the Parkland Florida school shooting made it to the No. 1 spot of Youtube’s trending videos based on algorithms.  After it was found that the video questioned the narrative about the school shooting the video was deleted, even though it came from an “authoritative news source”.


YouTube told Quartz’s Hanna Kozlowska that the video, which was removed Wednesday afternoon for violating the company’s policies on harassment and bullying, appeared on the Trending page because it “contained footage from an authoritative news source” and was therefore “misclassified” by the company.

 Reference:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/21/business/media/youtube-conspiracy-video-parkland.html

Also other videos have been uploaded of David Hogg by his class mates from before the shooting, saying that he was “25 years old, and from California” and that “he shouldn’t even be in our school”, from someone claiming on the video to be his “debate partner”.   Ref:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/2lfysN7Wy4h0/  something also that I am now not able to find on youtube anymore.

While other survivors of the Parkland shooting claimed that CNN and other media sources gave them scripts to read for their broadcast, that defied their own opinions on the event.

Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me “Scripted Question”

The problem with the main stream or “big hitters” in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, are that they have gotten too big for their britches and are playing politics with their platform, rather than just being a open and non-bias source of hosting media.  Now they are directing the narrative.

I wrote more about this in a recent post documenting the facts established so far that prove that these social media giants are engaging in censorship of conservative media.


Popular Social Media outlets banning conservatives

This has prompted me to leave these platforms as well, and to start working on my own media outlets, while employing up and coming “Decentralized” media hosts like  www.d.tube, www.steemit.com, www.archive.org and www.dailymotion.com 

One good thing about this problem with censorship, is that it has motivated me to spread my media out to as many sources as I can that I feel will host my media without bias or censorship.  In this search not only have I found plenty of great resources, it has also motivated me to spend more time on my own sources of media hosting services.

I have a few that I have worked on for years.  Many of them are listed at:  www.slu2.com, as well as www.filmcraze.com

This isn’t to say that I won’t some day return to these platforms that I am currently taking a hiatus from.  Who knows, maybe with the market share and stock prices dropping as they are from these giants, there will be a sale/buyout to save them from self-destruction.  If the new owners (potential) decide to return these platforms to it’s former non-bias foundations, I will consider returning.

However, for now I am going to be spending time promoting my own brands and my own media without the help of these liberal/progressive shills.

This is my (at this point in time) last video on youtube.


This is a video that I made in 2011 talking about the virtue and necessity to have independent non-corporate media to protect the truth and report on things in a fair and balanced way.
The title is Corporate Media vs. Social Media.    However I am seeing social media becoming corporate media now, based on coercion of this social media moguls.

For now you can pay attention to how our media grows by looking at the bottom of the page, where our “visitors online” widget is hosted.

Users Online Clovis Star[vstrsnln_info]


References to our video archive.
This is an archive of our youtube videos.
This is from Clovis Star:    https://archive.org/details/ClovisStarVideoArchive
It is also available via a few different torrent sources.

I will be making more for our other youtube channels as well, and they will eventually be listed at:  http://veracitylife.com

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