Learnin’ with Vermin – Free ponies for all Americans

I have resigned to completely losing faith in the system, and I have no legitimate candidate that I feel is worthy of voting for.  So I have taken the position that many Americans have taken.  Not “whats best for this country”, but rather “what’s in it for me”.

I personally love ponies. I want one for every member in my family, regardless of the consequences. Free ponies for all!

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On the same note, I also made this video about immigration regarding Donald Trump’s position on immigration and Bernie Sander’s position on immigration.  Surprisingly, they are in very close agreement on this topic, despite that Bernie says that “open borders is a Koch Brother’s idea”.

I think it is funny how the candidates use these “divide and conquer” issues, of oh that’s a right wing proposal. Or whatever the case.
On the big issues, it seems that the candidates agree. But on the smaller insignificant issues, they try to pick each other apart like vultures.

This is Donald Trump talking about legal immigration vs. illegal immigration, and saying we need to strengthen our borders.

Then Bernie comes in and says “Open Borders is a Koch Brothers issue”. But when it comes to Bernie and Trump, they appear to agree on closing the borders.

What is your thought? Should we be compassionate and open our borders? Or should we close our borders as tightly as possible, and turn people away who want to immigrate to a country that can give them a better life?

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