Local Woman Files Federal Lawsuit Against County, City & PPD Officer

The Pocatello Police has been served with a Federal Lawsuit, as well as Bannock County and the City of Pocatello.  Ref:  http://www.kpvi.com/content/news/local/story/Local-Woman-Files-Federal-Lawsuit-Against-County/JeCQ85pEVUCWiIwQab5NkQ.cspx

Pocatello can expect as many as 3 of these lawsuits to be filed within the next 6 to 12 months.   On top of this one, as I understand it the incident with Officer Steven Westfall will be generating a similar lawsuit, and in my case of being falsely charged with a crime, and harassed by the Pocatello police department after being assaulted in my own home, will also be a lawsuit.
I expect to file my lawsuit by March of 2016.   I will also lend my support and encouragement to the other two lawsuits against the city.

My goal is to encourage changes in staffing, training and department policies in Pocatello Police Department.   I also believe that the city is mis-appropriating funds to the Pocatello Police department at the expense of tax payers.   The bloated 13+ million dollar a year police budget continues to exponentially go up, increasing by $93,000+ last year, and is expected to go up significantly this year as well.  Meanwhile Pocatello is neglecting their economic development budget, jobs are scarce, and people are leaving the area in droves.   Pocatello is one of the most impoverished areas of Idaho, despite having big business from ISU, Simplot, the INL and other sources.   It is amazing how incompetent this city/corporation is.   I know that if this was working as a real corporation (without government cronyism), a few people would have already lost their jobs by now.

It is important for citizens to force a change of management, and reprimand these  jack-booted thug officers that are pushing good people out of the area.

Between showing up at charity events decked out in full military gear and bringing tanks with them, like they did with the recent POW/MIA rally, to charging people with false crimes like they did with Mr. James Rutherford before they beat him while he was detained, or myself when I got assaulted at my house and my 3 year old child got injured, and then the police find it necessary to charge me (the victim of the assault) with a phony crime.


I recently had this correspondence with the Pocatello police lawyer.


I sent this to the Mayor and City Council on  09/03/2015
“I have requested a response from the Mayor and City Council on the recent actions of many members of your police department.
Specifically I want my complaint against Officer Tyler Evans reviewed.
I was assaulted at MY HOUSE, and I was not only hurt but my 3 year old son was hurt
The officer when he came to investigate it called it “Battery” and asked me if I wanted to file “battery” charges against the person who assaulted my 3 year old son and myself.
I told him “no this is family, just please trespass the guy”.
But the guy who assaulted me kept using the police to harass me.  Called the next day after assaulting me, and told the police that I threatened him.  The police have no proof of this threat, and went by the word of the person who assaulted me, WITH NO EVIDENCE.
And they charged me erroneously for “disturbing the peace” over a facebook message, that the person couldn’t even produce for police when asked.
So the police charge me with “disorderly conduct” and the charged the person who assaulted me with “disorderly conduct” AFTER I told the police that I wanted to file “battery” charges on the person who assaulted me.
The police are CLEARLY retaliatory and violated my 1st Amendment rights.
I have the Supreme Court decisions and Idaho state statutes on this matter thoroughly discussed on my website and newspaper.
I want this complaint filed, regardless that your incompetent Chief of Police doesn’t “get it”.
Your chief of police and his idiocy is costing your city amazing amounts of money.
I notice that the police budget went up over $90,000 last year.
But crime is allegedly down in Pocatello?
That money does not need to go to police.
That money should go to stimulate the economic development fund, or refunded to tax payers.  But there is no justification for that insane 13+ million dollar police budget to get any more funding.
They are just buying and maintaining military weapons to scare people with.  Like the Biker Rodeo that they brought their fancy tank to.
There was no potential violence.  That is a regular event to promote a good cause.  POW/MIA
But the police want to flex their might and bring their fancy military tanks and guns to a peaceful charity event?
This ^  is why Idaho has went from being #37 in median family income in the USA in the mid-1990s, to #49 now!
You [local government] people are driving up operating costs of the city/police, and not doing anything to stimulate the economy.
Business’s are leaving Pocatello and Idaho by the legion.
Reference my article about the Idaho and specifically Bannock County economy here.
From 37th to 49th?   That is a HUGE drop in income in Idaho.
But the police wouldn’t know anything about that!

Ryan Thompson”


I got this response from the Pocatello City Laywer;

Mr. Thompson:

Mayor Blad and Members of the City Council have asked me to respond to your requests.  They appreciate the concerns that you have expressed to them via emails etc., and they want to assure you that your complaints have been reviewed and appropriate action has been taken.  Thank you.  kirk

Kirk Bybee, Attorney at Law

City of Pocatello

911 North 7th, P.O. Box 4169

Pocatello, ID 83205


Telephone:  (208) 234-6148

Facsimile:    (208) 239-6986


To which I responded;


Mr. Bybee.

Thank you for your response.   I want the Pocatello City and Police Department, as well as tax payers to know, that based on the false charges brought against me by your police department.  That our family, and our business left the region and moved all of our assets to Maine where freedom and liberty is a reality and not just a catch phrase.

I owned free and clear (no mortgage) a 5 plex at 676 West Lewis St., and I owned Clovis Star (e-cig) shop by Walmart on Yellowstone where I was paying about $1600 per month in rent, not to mention taxes, etc.     I was just about to hire my first employee, until I was falsely charged and harassed by your police department.

The prosecutor clearly saw that the police brought a false case against me, and they dismissed my charges.  But not until after I had already paid a private attorney over $600, and had to close my business, and sell my rental property at a significant loss.

I realized that if the police could get away with bringing false charges against me, with no evidence what-so-ever AFTER I had been assaulted and my 3 year old had been assaulted AT MY PROPERTY.  That I would never feel safe in your city.

Your police department is stirring up a hostile atmosphere in your city, and with their tanks and military weapons, they are making citizens feel unsafe.

Your police department cost me well over $30,000 in losses when I had to relocate.   But not only did I suffer losses, but your city will suffer a huge financial loss by me leaving as well.

Not only have I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our city.  But after I was in a car accident in Oregon, I came to Pocatello for rehab and medical care, of which in the time I was receiving medical services, my insurance put nearly a million dollars in to Pocatello‘s economy.
To me it is no wonder why your state went from #37 in median income in the 1990s, to being almost dead last now.   The police state and the mismanagement of city funds in Pocatello, is driving good, honest, productive people out of your city and out of your state.
My wife and I were married in Pocatello in 2002.   My wife was an honor student at Century High, and lived in Pocatello her entire life.
But we will never come back.   We feel much safer, and much freer in Maine.

Thank you for addressing this.  Im sure it will just get shrugged off.   But I wouldn’t expect much more from your city, based on it’s past performance.

 Ryan Thompson