Masked professor arrested being held for assaulting protesters with a bike lock – Eric Michael Clanton update

This is a follow up story that I put on youtube, about the so-called “Bike lock professor”.  When I originally reported on this in April, it was because the people at 4Chan /pol/ did an excellent job outing this masked attacker as liberal arts / ethics professor Eric Michael Clanton.   A month went by an no arrest however, that is until it happened on May 24th.

Justice MAY be served for protester Sean Stiles who was trying to keep the peace at this free speech event, when this masked man attacked him with a bike lock.

I personally can not imagine this being anyone else by Eric Michael Clanton who assaulted Sean Stiles, based on the excellent job that the guys at 4chan did to connect the dots!

Eric Michael Clanton arrested in Berkeley for felony assault held on 3 charges May 24th 2017.



Now compare this to something like the peaceful standoff at Bundy Ranch, where the protesters hurt no one, but are facing decades in prison for defending their own land.
This liberal arts professor ACTUALLY attempted to murder someone, and Im sure they will just hand him a slap on the wrist.  Meanwhile those at Bundy Ranch are facing major time for doing nothing wrong, and hurting no one.

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