Merry Christmas December 26 – Reverend Ryan Talks Politics and Religion

It’s a well known social etiquette to not talk about politics or religion in polite company.  But I don’t restrain myself.  I am comfortable with my beliefs and my thoughts.  I like to spark deep reflection, provoke thought and also conversation.

This year was no different.  We had a wonderful Christmas dinner (thanks to my wonderful wife).  Our neighbors, which are all veterans and their families came over to have dinner with us on Christmas eve this year, and we had some good conversation.   A lot of it had to do with war, and military service (of course).  I am not a vet, as I was denied service when I applied as a teenager, due to some marijuana charges, I talk about how “marijuana saved my life” (by not being allowed to join the military).   But I have always had a heart for veterans.
My heart was guiding me to participate in the Tough Mudder event in 2013 right before I was hit head-on on the freeway by a drunk driver, who happened to be a veteran discharged for medical reasons and who was apparently self medicating after seeing some pretty brutal combat (I suspect).

So this Christmas, my neighbors and friends showed me video after video of combat in Iraq.  They all had saw combat and all of them had some form of PTSD.  So talking about combat is therapeutic for them.  So I entertained the videos that they were showing me, but eventually it brought me to tears, seeing just how destructive and terrible war is.

Our conversation then turned to my question about how Germany elected Adolf Hitler via a democratic process similar to ours, and I asked “If another Hitler type was elected, with our military forces being as strong as they are, world domination would be no problem, and that is scary”.   We all agreed that this is the reason that gun rights, and weapon rights are important to keep a democracy in check, incase something like that happened.

I also believe that lie detection technology that is advancing may help weed out the tyrannical political officials before they even get elected.  I am currently working on software to advance this cause, combing multiple algorithms ref; Emotional Observation Technology Moves Forward – Lie Detection.

It was both emotional and educational, I love those kinds of conversations, where everyone has something productive to offer.

We had one of the vets over, who live in an apparent crack house in our neighborhood who got beat up a few weeks ago.  He is an old man who has a broken back and walks with two canes.  Some pimp beat the hell out of him and he ended up coming to our house for refuge.  When we didn’t answer the door, he let himself in, and closed the door behind him.  He was bleeding all over our house, and we ended up escorting him home and helping him with the police when they came.  I walked to his house with my 30.30 rifle, and I let the people in the apartment complex know that I am not f*cking around, they better leave this man alone.   Since then, all of the drug and sex traffic has COMPLETELY stopped.  Which motivated all of us to talk about forming a constitutional militia, because this activity has been going on for years and the police had done nothing about it.  Our other neighbor had their house busted into this summer while they were on vacation and lost some family heirlooms.  We also learned from the paramedics that came to patch our friend up, that we have had one homicide in our neighborhood, and one overdose in the last year.

In the end there was a lot of laughs and a lot of fun, and even some tears.  It was a good dinner.  We celebrated Christ and His grace.  Our family was very blessed.  To hear more about our night, check out this video;  Merry Christmas December 26 – Reverend Ryan Talks Politics and Religion  and this one that I made a few days before Christmas;  Merry Christmas 2015 – From the Thompsons

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