My biography according to me

I decided to take this down.  Thanks to good friends, I often see the light, when I am in the dark.   It is a good reminder sometimes to get a reality check.  I posted this, about family drama.   If I posted about family drama every time there was drama, I could dedicate a library to it.  So instead, I am focused on the good things in life, and I am going to stay focused on that.  I changed this post, and if you ever want to go back to things that are no longer here, there is an archive at;*/

This is the post that helped me see the light.

So, lately ——- has been lashing out here and there, she’s angry about her step-Mom and other life issues.
Finally, last night I sat her down and I told her how it is.
I told her life isn’t fair and that I grew up in an environment that made me angry too and sad too.
I told her anger is a tool, just like a pen in her hand. You can draw a pretty picture or an ugly picture, write a happy story or a sad story with it.
I told her she has every right to be angry about everything she sees as wrong and she should use that anger to make her life better than the one she’s grown up in.

Here are some inspiring memes that I found to go with this post.

How you react meme inspirational-quotes-you-were-given-this-life live-life


After avoiding death many times in my life.  I made this vlog to tell why I make vlogs and why I wrote my biography.

See this vlog that I made shortly after my near fatal car accident in 2013.