A new look at the Charlottesville car attack, this one blew my mind

I watched a video on youtube describing and dissecting the events at the Charlotesville protest/incident.
The event unfolds in the most bizarre and unlikely ways.   This guy is so precise and informational, that it is hard to miss the point here.
Just as an over view, there are 3 major things out of place here, and this all relates to Ford (Andrew) Fischer’s video for his News2Share channel on Youtube.
1.  The Dodge Challenger is spotted in the area 7 minutes before the incident, strangely
2.  The most bizarre part, is that the maroon van that was in the car crash (hit from behind) was spotted at the same place that it was hit from behind, an entire 5 minutes before the collision, seemingly just waiting there at the same intersection.  (There are other strange aspects of this van as well, as documented below)
3.  The story of what Ford Fischer is doing (following the white nationalists), and where he ends up, waiting at the scene of the accident, after parting ways with his original target.

So as the youtuber shows that Ford Fischer who was on-scene filming for his business News2Share as the protest unfolds.
Ford Fischer says that he is following the white nationalists.  As he is following them, he sees the Dodge Challenger about seven minutes before the actual accident, and then he sees the maroon van that was at the scene of the accident, and got hit from behind at the scene seemingly waiting at the intersection and not moving, a full 5 minutes before the collision.  The Dodge Challenger isn’t far from the eventual scene of the accident when Ford Fischer saw him originally.
When he passed the maroon van it was in the same place as the scene of the accident 5 minutes before the accident, bizarre right..  The maroon van had apparently waited at least 5 minutes at the scene of the accident, which makes it appear that the van is waiting for something.   There were no obstructions when he passed the maroon van, showing that there are other cars driving up and down the street, with no obstructions at all.  The van could have continued on, but didn’t.   Why did it wait for 5 minutes at the scene of the accident just to eventually get hit?
There was also no people in the front seat of the car for at least 5 minutes.  There were people in the back of the car at the time of the accident.  But there were no people in the font of the car 5+ minutes before the car crash, and there were no people in the front seat at the time of the car crash.  But there were a few people bailing out of the back seat of the van through the font seat, after the accident.  But no one in the front seats?  That is just very strange.

Here are some screen shots from SonofNewo’s video, the Dodge Challenge spotted in the neighborhood about 7 minutes before the crash in Ford Fischer’s livestream.

Dodge Challenger Before the Crash

Dodge Challenger Before the Crash


the same van is at the scene of the accident, 5 minutes before the accident.

Maroon van Ford Fischer Filming the Car Crash in Charlottesville

Ford Fischer Filming the Car Crash in Charlottesville

But then when he gets near the scene of the accident, he stops following the white nationalists, and then waits for 3 minutes a block away from the scene (of the near to come car crash), as he waits with two or three other reporters for another 3 minutes until the accident happens, and then runs to it after the fact.  Why all of these reporters at the same place, waiting where there is no obvious events happening, all at the same time?

Ford Fischer stops and waits for 3 minutes near the eventual accident

Ford Fischer stops and waits for 3 minutes near the eventual accident

Ford Fischer timeline

Ford Fischer timeline


A few things that made sense to me in this video, is that SonofNewo makes a point that most of these “white nationalists” seem like really bad actors.
He points out, like I have that people like Richard Spencer seem to have been propped up to prominence in the MSM for seemingly no reason.
Like he really has not done much of anything to deserve the attention that he is getting.
He also points out how Jason Kessler was a member of the “Occupy movement” up until as recent as a year ago, and an Obama supporter, but is now giving Seig Hiels and talking about extremist nazi ideologies.   He believes that many of these idiot white supremacists are actors, paid for by a 3 letter agency, probably similar to how they infiltrated the Ammon Bundy and Bundy Ranch standoff with FIFTEEN confidential informants, acting as though they were part of the protest.   See this from Oregon Live
15 confidential sources fed FBI info from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Protest  (this is documented court evidence now)
He believes, as I am starting to suspect, that this whole event was staged.

JFK On the "Deep State"

JFK On the “Deep State”

More of his videos here;  SonofNewo

This is the video from SonofNewo on youtube, dissecting the events, and they just do not make sense.

From the video description;

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