No I do not hate socialism, I hate force and coercion

The one thing that many socialists believe about libertarians, is that we hate charity, and that we hate socialism. No I do not hate socialism, I hate force and coercion.

For me it is not that, its not that I do not accept or appreciate help or charity.   In all of the the time that I have been explaining and encouraging volunteerism, I have not once ever said that I would not accept charity, or that I hate it.  In fact I have wrote about the times in my life where I had need, and people that offered charity pretty much saved my life.     I wrote this story about when I was homeless as a teenager, and I had a lot of help;   I will explain more about the difference between the help that I have received vs. the message that I have preached in a minute.   But I have also in recent years explained this in video vlogs that I have made, explaining volunteerism.   This video that I made titled; In my libertarian world you can be a socialist.  But in your socialist world…, that I made in April 2013 (before my major car accident that put me into retirement) I explained the difference between voluntary charity, and forced charity.   I explained that I am not against giving or receiving charity, only that I respect it, and that even though I qualified for many government programs at the time, having 6 mouths to feed on a one parent income, it was easy for me to get government assistance, but that I refused to take it because I felt like there were people out there who needed it more than me and that I should not abuse the system that is meant to help those out who are in desperate need.   Surely our family would have been more comfortable taking the assistance, but we decided to just work harder, and put in more hours.  Which is what eventually led me to get into a near fatal car accident (it did kill the other driver).  This is a video that I made just hours before my accident talking about the brutal hours that I was working, traveling between 3 states to get to my job, to put in extra hours.   Update right before the accident 05/02/2013 
At the time I was working on earning extra money so that I could pay for my grandma’s private care, because her medicaid wasn’t willing to pay for the facilities that we wanted her to have.  So I petitioned my boss for extra hours, and it was at this time that they asked me to travel into Seattle to meet with the boss and on the way home I got in the terrible car accident that changed my life.

Anyway, on to the message of this blog.   Basically, like in my video about how in my libertarian world you can CHOOSE to be socialist, but in your socialist world, I can not choose to be libertarian,  in the video I spoke about how I would like to CHOOSE where my tax dollars go.  It’s not that I am against contributing to society.  It is not that I am against charity.  We have made voluntary donations to organizations like the Salvation Army, and Food Banks for our entire marriage, and before I met my wife I volunteered at several soup kitchens.   But the point is that our society had all of the services that we have today, like roads, police, fire departments, healthcare, charity, etc, before income taxes.   In fact, our country brought more people out of poverty than any other system on earth at the time, and we did it without the IRS, and without “the New Deal” and most importantly, we did it without government force, and without extreme debt.  The IRS was created in 1913, and prior to that, there was no tax on income.  That tax now is the greatest source of taxes for the government out of all forms of taxes that exist.  But some how, we had a more prosperous country, with less poverty, BEFORE the IRS and income taxes.

Lately now that I am disabled and now that I have been out of work for 3 years.  We have been selling off our assets instead of taking government entitlements or charity from private organizations, because I feel like we are very blessed, and that we should take last place in line, because we already have so much compared to other people in line.  But in the last week we asked a private organization for some help with our heating and food, because I have basically sold everything that I owned except for our last home (the one we live in) and our vehicles.   I sold a 5 plex that I owned debt free, multiple vehicles that I owned debt free, and roughly $200,000 worth of assets, just to survive.   So we finally broke down and asked for help.   But not before I was turned down for social security.

This is another topic that I have struggles with.   With social security, if I don’t pay in then I go to jail for tax evasion.  I MUST pay in or I break the law.   After reviewing my social security contributions, I have paid in a lot of money starting from when I was 14 years old and when I got my first real job, working for the irrigation company digging ditches.  I was 14 years old in 1992 and that is when I started contributing to social security.   When I got in my car accident, I had been working at that job for 6 years, and several of those years, I was getting 96 hours per week.  I was working my regular 40 hours per week, and then I worked the weekend 2 weeks out of the month, from Friday at 5pm all the way through, with no break until Monday morning at 5am, then picking up on my regular 40 hours again at 9pm Monday night.  With the result being 96 hours in a week, two weeks a month, and then 40 hours for the other two weeks.   I was not slacking either,  I was supporting hospital pharmacies for 710 clients, often getting no sleep what-so-ever all weekend.   However, now with some terrible injuries to my leg which is filled with metal implants to hold it together, and a sever shoulder injury and a failed rotator cuff repair, it is hard for me to sleep, and very hard for me to have mobility.   I tire so quickly and I am on so many pain medications, that it is impossible for me to work any more.   Yet, after all of those years of contributing to social security and after working all of those endless hours and putting in a lot of hard work.  I paid in all of my life, just to get turned down in my time of need.   When I know other people, (some in my own family) who ham it up, and pretend to have a mental condition that prevents them from working and they haven’t put in even a fraction of the work that I have put in and they get their social security benefits.

This to me is where the system fails.  Which is why I made this video in 2011, which was 2 years before my accident.  Social Security is Slavery, just give me the option to OPT OUT!   In that video I talk about how I don’t mind if there are government programs and I don’t mind if people CHOOSE to opt in to those programs.  But I just wanted the ability to opt out.  I explained what many economists have explained, that Social Security will be bankrupt by 2030 anyway, so my generation will pay in to Social Security their entire working lives, but when it comes time to collect the benefits, the powers that be will have either raised the benefits age so high, that we will all be dead by then, or the system will be completely insolvent and there will be nothing available to collect anyway.   This information comes from many reliable sources, which I cited in the video, take a look and do your own research.

But to clarify.  I do not mind if there are government options.  But I have two main problems with the current system

  1.  The government force that requires people to opt into these programs, is anti-freedom, and in my opinion is un-constitutional
  2.  There should be private competition available that people should be able to CHOOSE from, rather than the federal government having a monopoly on the system

The government has proven to be irresponsible with our benefit funds, as they have borrowed against social security and other programs to pay for wars and other government blunders.  At one time our social security fund was in a separate lock box, not included in the general fund.  But the social security fund was borrowed against, until there was nothing left, with only IOU’s left in it’s place (bonds) and now there is no separate fund.  Everything is tied in to the general fund, and this is how the politicians get their way every time there is a need to raise the debt ceiling.   Rather than capping their reckless spending, they use the social security funds and veteran funds as well as a total of 70 million monthly benefits checks that go out, that come out of the general fund, to hold over our heads, so that we are BEGGING for the government to raise the debt ceiling.  If you watch my video, you will see Obama playing on people’s fears about the entitlement checks that won’t go out if they don’t raise the debt ceiling, as he quotes “about 70 million checks”.    ref; Social Security is Slavery  and it is this type of dependence that is widespread and effects almost every demographic, that has our country in such extreme debt.

I do not reject charitable functions, nor do I hold back charity.   However I do not think that the government does a good job managing it.

I like that I am still able to go to private charitable organizations, ones that we have donated to in the past when we were doing better, and get help when I need it.  Because they are not a faceless, cold, handout.  They are a community organization, with names and faces, and we can always go back to them later and pay it forward.

This is a message that I posted on facebook recently that got quite a few responses;

This is why I don’t really appreciate taxes, or those who support them.

1. When people think that taxes go to benefit people.
A: A good portion of taxes go to things that kill people, or enslave us. Rather than help us.

2. Taxes require force, coercion and the threat of jail. So while we think taxes go to things that make us more “free”, in reality the enforcement of tax laws in itself is the beginning of the tyranny.

3. Bernie, nor anyone else will be able to control the military industrial complex. They’ll turn him into another JFK or Reagan (even though Reagan survived his assassination attempt).

The best thing that we can do, is stop asking for “free” stuff. Because nothing is free, it always comes at a cost.

Taxes always result in military spending, drug war spending, enforcing useless laws, and bigger (inept) government.

The answer is not feeling the Bern, it is rejecting taxation (what the USA was founded on)


I hope that clears it up.

No I do not hate socialism, I hate force and coercion

No I do not hate socialism, I hate force and coercion


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