If nothing else Trump’s new role incites political activity

For a very long time I have worked with cannabis and hemp legalization.  I have also fought many free speech restrictions, and single handedly repealed an anti-free-speech law in Springville Utah, that I was arrested for during a protest, for “not having a permit”, which was a violation of my first amendment rights.

In these many years of activism, combined with being active in social media, I have collected a lot of connections with mostly left and far left progressives.  From “Democratic Socialists” to Communists and everything in between.

Since Trump has been elected I have been writing and making media to encourage him, our government and the players and shakers in the USA to do the right thing.

There are things that I like about Trump, and things that I dislike about Trump.  My blog is about “opinions” hence the URL  https://opinions.clovisstar.com  and as such I have given my opinions.

What I find with many of my liberal friends, is that when I correct their fake news about Trump or other issues, they say “you didn’t use sources that I like”.   Now with the whole “fake news” scandal across all spectrum of media, the conversation of “Fake news” comes up over and over.

One thing that I wanted to make certain, and to set the record straight, is that I do not call this blog “your only news source you will ever need” I call this “opinions”.   This has been the case for years.  However, when I write about something, I make sure to give as many good and various sources as I can, and I typically write “I always recommend that you do your own research”.

Recently I lost a long time friend on social media, because I was giving my opinion about Trump.
The loss of this friend hurts for sure, as we were friends for 20 years, and I once lived with her.

She said she would like to “focus on the positive”, which is strange because the posts that she interacts with, especially with mutual friends, are posts that disparage our president, and even some posts that call for violence against our president.  To me that is not “positive” or constructive.

My posts about Trump dating back to mid-2015 have been skeptical of him, and I have not ever endorsed him, and I certainly didn’t vote for him.   Likewise I didn’t vote for Obama either, and at the time he was elected I was a Ralph Nader supporter and I had been for over 8 years when Obama was elected.
But despite not being an Obama voter, and being skeptical of Obama, I made media praising him, encouraging him, and trying to hold him to account to keep his promises.  I never posted “not my president” or called for impeachment, etc.  Despite that Obama turned out to be hands down, the worst president in my lifetime.  This is the same way that I am approaching the Trump presidency.  I am skeptical, doubtful, and concerned, but like with Obama I remain optimistic, encouraging, and respectful because Trump is my president, and I think that negative energy is counter productive.  You can see a list of blogs that I wrote about Trump by clicking here.

Anyway, this ban of 7 countries came up, and I saw several of my friends all but calling for Trump’s blood over this.   I reminded them that this legislation was passed by congress and Obama in 2015, and Trump initiated already existing law is all.   Read more about HB 158 by the 141st congress Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.  This is when I lose a long time friend, and get her family telling me that I am citing fake or unreliable news.   Which got to the point where I told them that I speak with them about politics, not to change the world, but to get to know them, spend time with them and to be friends.  But if I wanted to change the world that I would just make a youtube video or a blog post, and reach thousands of more people.  I also cited a youtube video that I made where I all at the same time;

  1. That I condemn the idea of the wall
  2. That I condemn the idea of a ban on certain countries
  3. That I would like to see an easier path to immigration, LONG before we had this issue where they decided to delete my comments and remove me as a friend on social media.

Reference my video about:   USA vs. other countries on immigration – Trump’s executive orders

Reference my video about; Latin Americans are the hardest working most determined people

The point is, I guess losing people who want to live in an echo chamber, and not confront opposing points of view is not a huge loss.  Even if I loved these people very much.  I just don’t have time for people who need constant affirmation of their beliefs as tribute to our friendship.  I can’t be that person.  I can’t blow smoke up someone’s ass like that.

No I do not support EVERYTHING Trump represents, but I am happy that he is keeping many of his promises, such as pulling out of TPP, working on strengthening our market (Stock markets are hitting all time highs) and renegotiating other trade agreements, and hopefully he will soon lower our corporate tax rates, and encourage more business and trade in our country.  I also support replacing Obamacare, which I have broadcast about for years, and he is working on that too, and also he nullified the penalties for not having Obamacare.  So many things that he has done in the last two weeks has been very positive from my point of view.

The thing that was not positive, was this immigration order that he gave.  But as I pointed out, that was the 141st congress and Obama who originally passed that legislation in 2015.  Which is why I told these friends of mine that if they are going to come down on Trump, then they should at very least give the same criticism to their democrat colleagues who are still in congress that voted for this legislation.

But these people rarely if ever criticize politicians on the left, because they practice identity politics.
I have known these friends for 20 years, and I have never known them to support a conservative politician or news source.  They have constantly been far-left, and any opposition results in a major fit.

I on the other hand supported Ralph Nader for most of my adult life.  My wife was a Mike Gravel supporter, so two leftist politicians, and I only supported one right-wing politician and that is Ron Paul for one election.  So I can jump out of my political comfort zone to be pragmatic when there are too few good options.

Currently I am working on:

Disruptarian Media Presents; Trump Brexit Documentary In The UK

Also I noticed a rise in fake “Hate Crime Reports, which go hand in hand with identity politics.
Reference:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8nvH6A8O-M

My message to my friends, and other Social Justice Warriors, is that. Identity politics are killing our country


My message to Obama on December 5th 2008

Obama’s presidency results;

My first blog about Trump as a presidential candidate on August 15 2015, and my announcement for who my candidate was in February 2016 (Vermin Supreme)

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