My opinion about the new footage from Inside LaVoys Truck, from Shawna Cox’s cell phone

The testimonies of both Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox about what happened when Lavoy Finicum was murdered have been called into question by media sources.
There was also a testimony of an alleged protester named Mark McConnell (possibly a counter-intel-pro operative), that contradicted what Victoria and Shawna reported.
The edited FBI aerial video of the shooting was distant, distorted, and clearly missing key points, such as the point that Ryan Payne left the vehicle.

However, after all is said and done, the video that Shawna Cox took during the incident in the back seat of the truck, shows that they were telling the truth, and that Mark McConnell was lying.

In the video you see Lavoy Finicum pulled over speaking with the Oregon State Police (or people who claimed to be Oregon State police), and he tells them that they are going to visit with the Sheriff of Grant County, and that they (the police) are welcome to come along with them.   When the people outside of the car (allegedly) police continue to tell them to get out of the truck, and then ask Lavoy to let the women out.   Lavoy asked them if they wanted to get out, and no one elected to leave the truck.
After a few more tense moments, they attempt to make some phone calls, but there was no cell phone signal.  So Lavoy turns the radio up, they talk about it for a second, and between LaVoy and the rest of the occupants of the car, they decide to just go.
So Lavoy floors it, while the black vehicle behind them is in hot pursuit.   Eventually they get to a road block, where the truck started getting shot from the front, as you can hear and then the passengers all proclaim that they are being shot.   LaVoy attempted to miss a few police officers standing in the way, and drives off into a snow bank.     When the truck stops, shots get fired at the vehicle breaking the rear window passenger, while LaVoy is standing right next to the window with his hands in the air, which you can see from the video that Shawna Cox is filming.
A few seconds later a bunch more shots ring out, and the passengers ask if LaVoy is dead.   He was.

Now what is unknown, (since apparently the police had all of their body cams, helmet cams, and dashcams turned off during the murder), is if LaVoy reached for his gun or not.
The other passengers and people involved say that Lavoy was not carrying guns.   Then there was another report that said that the serial number for the gun that they found was linked to a stolen gun, which if that is accurate, it doesn’t make sense to me why a legal gun owner, with no criminal record, would be carrying a stolen gun.   But another strange part, is that Lavoy favored his revolver that he is often seen carrying, but the gun that they found on him was a 9mm semi-auto.

So did he reach for his gun?   The only other evidence that we have is the autopsy, which shows he was shot in the abdomen, approximately in the area that he reached for where the police say he was reaching for his gun.  He was also shot multiple times in the back.   I believe that they shot him in the abdomen for a reason, and that reason was to make it look like he was reaching for his gun.

Why was there no dashcam video?  Why was there no body cam video?  Why was there no helmet cam video?
Pictures of the police after and before the shooting shows them wearing body cams, and helmets with cameras.

Reference to the video that Shawna Cox took;

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Reference to Jeanette Finicum’s (the wife of LaVoy) press release 03/09/2016:

This case shows that the government is still pursuing murder of their opponents.  Similar to the issue with Randy Weaver, and the issue with David Koresh, and many other political opponents.
Is this the America that we now live in?

Lavoy Finicum Murdered - live video

Lavoy Finicum Murdered – live video